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UiPath unveils AI-infused developer features at DevCon 2024
Fri, 16th Feb 2024

UiPath, a global leader in enterprise automation software, has announced a range of new developer features during the UiPath DevCon 2024 event designed to enhance innovation and collaboration in automation. This was revealed by Munil Shah, Chief Technology Officer of UiPath Automation Cloud, who believes the combination of AI with automation offers exciting potential. "Our quest to reimagine DevOps for automation developers with AI led us to the creation of UiPath Autopilot," said Shah. "We are infusing Generative AI across all our products. We believe when AI is combined with automation, magic happens."

At UiPath DevCon, a host of new innovative solutions were unveiled to enhance productivity for the international UiPath developer community of over 2 million, according to Daniel Dines, UiPath Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer. Inspired by GenAI and code assistants, these features will assist developers in building, testing, and fast-tracking the implementation of automations.

Among the new features is UiPath Autopilot for Test Suite, currently in public preview. This innovative tool provides advanced AI capabilities designed to maximise the productivity of testers throughout the entire testing lifecycle. The AI-powered technologies within Autopilot for Test Suite include Quality Checks, Test Design, Test Automations, and Test Insights. "As organisations increasingly adopt GenAI and code assistants to create code more quickly, it is imperative to incorporate effective, continuous testing to help ensure code quality," stated Melinda Ballou, Research Director for IDC's Agile ALM, Quality and Portfolio Strategies service.

Further enhancements from UiPath include the Automation Marketplace and Solution Accelerators, a framework of thousands of building blocks pre-built to expedite the implementation process. Generative AI Connectors are also being expanded to support customers' automation projects. With these Connectors, developers can connect with a range of AI activities designed to integrate AI across use case transactions and interactions.

Another significant announcement was the improvement of developer capabilities for Integration Service. With new enhancements for Connector Builder, developers can create customised API integrations more easily. In addition, a new Activity Designer has been introduced to allow developers to visually design their own activities.

Finally, UiPath made a significant business expansion decision; they revealed their new data center in India to be operational from April 2024. This move is part of a strategic plan to cater to the growing need for cloud services, focusing on business continuity and compliance. It would provide opportunities for public and private customers and partners to strategically position their infrastructure, applications, and data, ensuring accessibility and improving service speed for customers.

All these updates signal a strong trend towards maximising the potential of AI in automation. With the likes of UiPath leading the charge, the future of AI-powered automation continues to look bright.