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Teranode testing launches, promising blockchain revolution
Wed, 28th Feb 2024

The BSV Association has announced the testing phase of Teranode, a groundbreaking development set to revolutionise blockchain capabilities. Teranode will enable the BSV Blockchain, orchestrated on the original Bitcoin protocol, to handle an unprecedented rate of 1.1 million transactions per second (TPS), which has not been feasible on existing infrastructures of leading digital assets.

This revolutionary technology promises to operate at ten times the transaction per second volume of Visa and MasterCard networks combined. Teranode's breakthrough capability will be achieved at a fraction of the cost of currently leading transactional networks. Beyond financial transactions, it will also process vast amounts of data, providing a more private and ownership-based internet experience, the foundations of which were laid nearly two decades ago by Dr. Craig S. Wright, the creator of Bitcoin.

Teranode will be put to the test on a geographically distributed, two-and three-node cluster stretching across North America, Europe, and Asia. Its primary goal is to push the network to its maximum capabilities without compromising stability. Dr. Wright's vision of "unbounded scale, with large transaction throughput," will be realised through Teranode, enabling vast transaction volumes on the BSV Blockchain, removing previous transaction limits and heralding a new era for digital transactions.

Siggi Oskarsson, Teranode Director at the BSV Association, emphasised the importance of testing Teranode: "The testing of Teranode represents our commitment to unlocking the full potential of the BSV Blockchain. With unparalleled scalability, stability, and support for safe and instant transactions, it has the potential to serve as the next-generation upgrade to a public blockchain that enables complete enterprise and governmental adoption."

The BSV Blockchain's ability to process vast amounts of data translates into the power to underpin data indexing and broadcast services. This provides users with a more private, ownership-based internet experience, enhancing the protection of private data, personal content and IP rights through timestamp verification. Furthermore, Teranode will facilitate the proper functioning of artificial intelligence applications with verifiable and auditable information while seamlessly integrating with Web 3.0 and the IPv6 upgrade.

To execute this test, the BSVA is partnering with Aerospike, an expert industry player in real-time, high-performance NoSQL databases. Aerospike's technology, known for its high read and write capabilities, will play a critical role in this task, providing needed efficiency and scalability. Ivan Maier, Regional Manager of Central Europe at Aerospike, is confident about the collaboration, stating, "We have every confidence that the performance we deliver will be consistently high as the BSV platform scales from gigabytes to petabytes."

Enhancing blockchain's capabilities has been a project in the works since 2018, with BSV continually working towards revolutionary developments such as Teranode. This new development will provide potential advantages for enterprise and government customers who have struggled with transaction volume limitations and high transaction costs in the existing blockchain.