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Salesforce launches Pro Suite AI software for SMEs in market
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

Salesforce has launched Pro Suite, a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) application with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) designed to aid small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in generating leads and solidifying customer relationships. Pro Suite can now be purchased in the software market.

A recent survey highlighted that a chief concern for SMEs in 2024 remains escalating business costs, with over 90% of respondents emphasising the significance of business transformation as a mechanism for dealing with these financial pressures. The Pro Suite, which is part of Salesforce's sophisticated AI platform, Einstein 1, offers solutions tailored to and easily implemented by SMEs to face these issues head-on.

Pro Suite broadens the functions of Salesforce's preliminary CRM for SMEs, the Starter Suite. The expansion facilitates an effortless growth path to support more complex operations as businesses develop in scale. Data silos across various tech systems and departments can be dismantled, allowing a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers with Data Cloud. SMEs stand to benefit from enhanced CRM, AI, automation, and analytics across an array of business processes.

Furthermore, Pro Suite offers tools for generating more leads, quickening sales, and delivering prompt responses to customer queries through the powerful synchrony of advanced analytics, automation, and customisation features. It is also capable of extending the power of AI CRM through Salesforce's reputable enterprise cloud marketplace, AppExchange.

Salesforce first offered SMEs basic AI and CRM tools with the introduction of the Starter Suite in 2023. It provided simple and utilitarian capacities such as tracking sales leads, managing customer service cases, dispatching customer emails, collecting direct payments, and more. The newly introduced Pro Suite builds on this foundation by offering advanced features and greater customisation possibilitieslike workflow, process automation, sale forecasting, quoting, and live chat for customer service.

Sujith Abraham, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Salesforce ASEAN, emphasised the central role that SMEs play in the ASEAN economy and the challenges posed by limited resources when trying to scale businesses and manage more complex processes. "Pro Suite helps SMEs to break the data silos that are hindering them from using AI and automation and create a unified view of their customer data with Data Cloud. This is the heart of deeper customer relationships. As an affordable, intuitive, and scalable solution, Pro Suite positions SMEs for better productivity and efficiency and solves today's business challenges," he said.

Pro Suite is currently available for acquisition at a rate of USD$100 per user per month.