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Salesforce introduces Einstein Copilot, a customisable AI assistant
Wed, 28th Feb 2024

Salesforce has launched the public beta version of Einstein Copilot, its new customisable, conversational, and generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Einstein Copilot allows companies to generate responses using their own private and reliable data, while still upholding strict data governance standards.

The AI assistant is deeply integrated with Salesforce applications, enhancing user experience by answering queries, generating content, and automating actions for improved productivity and customer relationship management. This tool doesn't just efficiently carry out tasks; it also provides insights into enhancing customer relationships and boosting company margins.

Chair and CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, hailed this technological innovation as a milestone for the industry. "AI is the single most important moment in the history of our industry. It will deepen customer relationships, increase productivity and drive higher margins at every company," Benioff stated. He further explained that the Einstein Copilot constitutes an "intuitive interface for interacting with AI, world-class AI models and above all deep integration of the data and metadata needed to benefit from AI."

Sujith Abraham, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Salesforce ASEAN, highlighted that AI is "amplifying the opportunity for businesses in Asia to grow and succeed" by delivering insights into customer behaviour. According to Abraham, integrating AI-driven action and relevant responses to customer behaviours within business operations is key. He noted that Einstein Copilot combines CRM data with data from other corporate systems, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of the customer and guiding meaningful next steps in a reliable and secure manner.

Recognising the potential impact of generative AI, 83% of IT executives in Singapore believe it will significantly influence their companies. Additionally, around 40% of Singaporean employees have already incorporated generative AI into their work routines. An impressive 93% of these workers have confirmed that AI adoption has boosted their productivity. Considering these statistics, AI is swiftly becoming an indispensable tool across business functions.

Einstein Copilot offers several capabilities, including grounding prompts with trusted business data, executing dynamic multi-step plans through out-of-the-box actions, and customisation for specific business needs. A reasoning engine is also integrated, which interprets intent and chooses the best action to execute. Concurrently, Einstein Copilot ensures the delivery of trusted responses and actions, whilst maintaining stringent privacy and security measures through the Einstein Trust Layer.

Clients can access Einstein Copilot by upgrading to Einstein 1 Editions of Salesforce, which includes a package of Data Cloud, AI, and CRM. Salesforce's new AI assistant is currently available in beta globally for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Support for Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud along with data residency in the United States and the English language will become available later in 2024. Einstein Copilot for Tableau is also expected to launch in H2 of this year.