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Lufthansa Systems launches AI assistant for improved airline operations
Wed, 21st Feb 2024

Lufthansa Systems, an airline IT provider, has launched a new, cutting-edge AI-powered operations control assistant, NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC. This web-based AI assistant is specifically designed to improve the stability and efficiency of airline operations on a daily basis. It is already being utilised and optimised with the first customers, reinforcing the positive impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the airline industry.

Jan-Peter Gaense, Head of NetLine Solutions at Lufthansa Systems, emphasised the importance of early adoption of AI for airlines, considering it the next phase in technological advancement. He said, "AI is the next step in the technological evolution, so early adoption is crucial for airlines. Beyond technical proficiency, the key factor for successful AI support is the trust of the users. Our smart assistant supports operations controllers in their challenging work, not replacing them."

Every day, operations controllers face the daunting task of making countless complex decisions. Often, they need to react promptly to unforeseen events like sudden weather changes or unexpected strikes to limit their potential repercussions. Such disruptions could result in significant costs for airlines. However, monitoring and analysing multiple information sources within minutes to find the best solution can become particularly challenging during peak times when the risk of disruption is high.

This is where the NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC system comes into its own. The system meticulously analyses historical data while simultaneously monitoring occurrences around aircraft, rotation, passengers, and crew to identify potential delay risks in advance. Furthermore, it generates real-time suggestions on how to enhance operations. To ensure informed decision-making, the system supplies further information regarding the proposed solution's impact on overall resilience, the buffer and the propagated delay. However, the final decision always rests with the operations controller.

NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC uses Reinforcement Learning, a cutting-edge machine learning approach, to draw cause and effect from data, supporting data-driven decision-making. The AI agent is designed to optimally act towards achieving a set goal. László Kovács, Product Owner NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC at Lufthansa Systems, explained, "Our AI agent learns to act optimally regarding a given goal. It is not predictive but prescriptive, meaning that it does not tell the operations controller what will happen, but it shows what to do to reach the set goal."

NetLine/Ops ++ is the next-generation operations control system developed by Lufthansa Systems. By evaluating a broad array of data, for instance, crucial weather conditions or technical aircraft limitations, it alerts the operations controllers about potential critical situations. This allows the controllers to swiftly initiate measures to counter and resolve any disruptions, further leveraging AI to maximise operational efficiency.

Lufthansa Systems GmbH is an airline IT provider determined to shape the future of digital aviation. It draws its unique strengths from its ability to combine profound industry know-how with forward-looking technological expertise and has lived by its slogan, "We're into IT", for more than 25 years. The company offers its more than 350 customers an extensive range of successful IT products and services for the aviation industry.