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FPT unveils automotive engineering partnership with FPT University
Wed, 24th Jan 2024

FPT has unveiled the Automotive Software Engineering (ASE) department, developed in partnership with FPT University. This timely response to the rapid progression of automotive technologies across the globe is a strategic alliance between FPT Automotive and FPT University. The aim is to refine the educational experience for future engineers and thus secure Vietnam's position as a global tech hub. The initiative seeks to address the increasing global demand for skilled professionals in the automotive industry.

The ASE department, now part of FPT University, aims to give students an all-inclusive understanding of the basics of auto design principles and operations and detailed knowledge of electronic and software systems. This skill set will extend to expert knowledge in designing, developing, and stress-testing software systems and embedded systems in vehicles, a vital component in the modern age of automobiles.

Graduates from this programme will be ready to work on myriad projects with FPT Automotive's international clients under the guidance of experienced professionals in automotive and embedded systems from FPT.

The ASE curriculum aligns with the guidelines of renowned international institutions. This includes bodies such as the United States Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), used for undergraduate IT programs, the AQAS, and ABET accreditation for educational programs. It also conforms to international standards for functional safety in the automotive industry (ISO 26262) and automotive cybersecurity (ISO 21434).

Kinh Nguyen, CEO of FPT Automotive, emphasises the demand for professionals in the rapidly evolving automotive industry who possess a deep understanding of both automotive engineering and digital technology. Nguyen points out that these roles require a unique combination of skills, experience, and adaptability that is not easily replaced by AI. FPT Automotive is dedicated to a close collaboration with FPT University to cultivate the next generation of automotive software engineers in Vietnam. 

Kinh Nguyen states, "The fast-evolving automotive industry calls for professionals with in-depth expertise in automotive engineering and digital technology. Their roles require a combination of skills, experience and agility, which cannot easily be replaced by AI. FPT Automotive is committed to collaborating closely with FPT University to nurture the next generation of automotive software engineers from Vietnam, contributing to positioning our home country as a prominent destination on the global tech map."

Dr. Tran Ngoc Tuan, Vice Rector of FPT University, agrees with this sentiment. "Compared to other markets globally, resources for automotive technology in Vietnam still require further improvement, with strengthened investment and focus. The collaboration between FPT University and such high-potential and reputable business like FPT Automotive will lay the foundation for developing a rich pool of talents and experts in this field."

This partnership was announced officially at the FPT Automotive Techday 2024, a convocation of business leaders and automotive tech professionals who joined to share insights and discuss the latest industry trends. This collaboration follows the recent launch of FPT Automotive and the inauguration of its office in India, confirming the company's commitment to pursuing an ambitious expansion and development strategy.