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Altis Consulting named APAC New Partner of the Year by Qlik
Fri, 1st Mar 2024

Australia's independent data specialist, Altis Consulting, has been awarded the title of APAC New Partner of the Year for 2023 by Qlik, a global leader in data integration, analytics and AI. This notable honour recognises Altis Consulting's outstanding achievements and innovation and its joint success with Qlik in enabling businesses to make more informed decisions via live interactive reporting.

Altis Consulting and Qlik have been partnering since 2013 to provide services that transform data into actionable insights. This significant collaboration enables organisations to go beyond traditional data handling and unlock their full potential. The award itself is presented on an annual basis, celebrating excellence within Qlik's partner community across a variety of categories on both a global and regional scale.

David Zember, Senior Vice President of WW Channels and Alliances at Qlik, expressed his honour in highlighting the excellent accomplishments of the company's partners. "Our partners are pivotal to bringing Qlik's innovative solutions to life, allowing organisations to transcend traditional data handling and unlock their full potential," said Zember. "The award pays tribute to our shared commitment to converting complex data landscapes into actionable business outcomes."

Emilio Gazis, Global Chief Operating Officer at Altis Consulting, expressed his excitement about Altis Consulting being honoured as Qlik's New Partner of the Year for the APAC region. With over twenty years of commitment, Altis has been aiding clients from various sectors in leveraging the potential of their data for transformation. Gazis conveyed his delight in Qlik's recognition of the Altis team for their talent and hard work, acknowledging their dedication to fostering growth through innovative solutions for individuals and organisations.

Emilio Gazis said, "Altis Consulting has been dedicated for more than two decades to assisting clients across numerous sectors to harness the transformative power of their data. I am thrilled to witness our team's immense talent and efforts being recognised by Qlik, who appreciate our dedication to fostering growth among individuals and organisations through innovative solutions."

With its roots firmly grounded in 25 years of data expertise and experience, Altis Consulting was established as an Australian enterprise with a global reach in data analytics. Its unique customer-centric approach is geared towards aiding businesses, institutions and governments in overcoming their unique data challenges. Altis delivers actionable insights and extracts real value from data across Australia, New Zealand and the UK by offering the necessary advice, infrastructure, tools and processes.

On the other hand, Qlik delivers strategic business outcomes by converting complex data landscapes into actionable insights. It boasts over 40,000 global customers and offers advanced AI/ML and data management in its portfolio. This highly intuitive analytic system uncovers hidden patterns, empowering teams to address intricate challenges and capitalise on new opportunities. With its practical and scalable AI/ML tools, Qlik improves decision-making processes, leading to faster and more effective results.