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Seth Ravin stories

Seth Ravin is a seasoned author, known for his insightful coverage on workplace culture and innovative business practices. His narratives often explore the intricacies of creating engaging and supportive work environments that cater to the well-being of employees. Through his work, Ravin elucidates on how companies like Rimini Street are setting benchmarks in the corporate world by earning accolades such as the Great Place to Work® certification in Singapore. This recognition is a testament to their exceptional workplace culture and commitment to employee satisfaction.

Another area that piques Ravin's interest is the exploration of progressive work models that challenge the status quo. He provides a detailed account of how Rimini Street embraced a 4-day work week, following its 'favourable results' during a six-month trial phase in 2022. The move not only bolstered employee well-being but also proved beneficial for the company’s productivity and operational efficiency. Ravin's stories shed light on this forward-thinking approach, highlighting its impact on the workforce and the potential it holds for redefining work-life balance in the modern era.