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Why is MACH architecture a new big thing in the tech world?
Thu, 4th Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

More and more global enterprises are considering replacing the monolithic tech stack with the best-of-breed composable stack that enables greater business agility. Adoption of MACH architecture is a step toward this direction. According to the MACH Alliance Enterprise MACHified' 2022 study among senior-level tech decision-makers in the U.S., U.K., and Germany, 19% more respondents than in the past year moved to MACH, and almost 80% are planning to increase investment over the next 12 months and beyond.

One of the main drivers is the need to deliver customer experience improvements at speed and an upgrade is a significant burden that impacts IT teamwork.

Is MACH architecture another tech buzzword or a new standard rising in modern technology? Let's look at the basic definition, benefits, and companies who advocate for it.

What is MACH architecture?

MACH architecture is an acronym that stands for four technologies:

Microservices-based – is the opposite of legacy monolithic architecture, where all components are merged into one codebase. In microservices, each application is assigned to a specific business function and can be independently developed, deployed, and managed.

API-first – enables software to communicate with other solutions via APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Cloud-native SaaS – built initially in the cloud and leverages the full potential of cloud computing, including storage, unlimited scalability, and automatic updates.

Headless – based on separation of the front-end layer from the back-end. It allows freedom in user interface design and fast updates.

All of these technologies were previously known to developers but together formed a powerful combination that benefits business users and IT teams.

Agile and future-proof technology

"At this point in time, you will not find any other IT architecture that is as flexible and scalable. So why not use the most modern solutions?

Morten Næss, EVP Technology at Bluestone PIM / MACH Alliance Tech Council.

MACH architecture is future-proof architecture created for innovators, large enterprises, and growth-focus businesses. There are two ways companies can benefit from MACH – become a customer of MACH-based software providers or decide to join digital transformation and switch to MACH. Every way brings a pack of benefits.

  • Connectivity – thanks to API-first and headless capabilities, businesses can fast and easily connect their software to any other software, platform, and channel.
  • Scalability – native cloud enables unlimited scalability, MACH-based solution grows with the business needs.
  • Future-proof and faster development – MACH-driven solution providers do not need to worry about future trends. The unique composition of technology enables businesses to react quickly, implement innovation or add new features without manual time-consuming updates. 
  • Better omnichannel experience – with headless architecture, developers can add any front-end feature across any channel or device, enabling the marketing and sales team to reach out to customers at multiple touchpoints. 

The role of MACH Alliance 

To associate forward-thinking enterprises and individuals, who share the same values of building software, in 2020, Contentstack, EPAM Systems, and Valtech, founded the MACH Alliance. Since the very beginning the non-profit organisation is committed to advocating open and industry-leading ecosystems for enterprise technologies.

The Alliance educates about MACH Architecture through its channels and events, which tends to be called “the coolest tech club.” By establishing its certification program, it welcomes companies based on MACH principles to expand business networks and disseminate the best practices of MACH architecture implementations.

Short summary

Nowadays, businesses are seeking to face the growing demands of customers and rapidly changing trends. MACH architecture gives technology-aware and digital mature organisations opportunities to create tech stack in the way they want and be their springboard to growth.