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TeamViewer launches Spatial Support for Apple Vision Pro
Mon, 5th Feb 2024

German tech giant TeamViewer is launching its latest innovative solution, TeamViewer Spatial Support, to provide real-time remote support on Apple Vision Pro. Leveraging advanced technology for immersive assistance, the new release is another step in the company's ongoing objective to revolutionise digital workplace connectivity.

The Spatial Support application on the iPhone utilises ARKit and the built-in LiDAR Scanner to capture highly accurate 3D models of the devices in need of assistance. These models can be accessed remotely via shared session by an expert using the app on Apple Vision Pro, allowing for real-time collaboration. The dual visibility and interaction with the device's model provide a synchronised 3D experience that enhances remote guidance and troubleshooting.

Senior Vice President of Product Management and Solution Delivery at TeamViewer, Brian Ballard, noted: "Remote support and assistance is part of TeamViewer's DNA, and with Apple Vision Pro we are bringing a new level of fidelity, visual depth, and detail to our customers that just was not possible before." He added that "these unique immersive capabilities go far beyond desktop support and help customers who deal with real-world, complex objects convey critical information to those that can help them service machines, and systems out in the field."

This innovation provides a succinct solution to the current concerns of labour shortages and knowledge transfer. It eases the ability to communicate intricate on-site challenges to remote experts resulting in a faster response time, reduced errors and increased efficiency.

TeamViewer's leading position in augmented reality (AR) enabled enterprise productivity was highlighted by the launch of Frontline, its industry-focused solution for Apple Vision Pro. The company's vast experience and strategic partnerships with industry stalwarts like SAP, Microsoft, and Siemens have contributed to the strength of their digital transformation solutions geared towards manufacturing, after-sales, and field service processes.

The app can be seamlessly integrated into the daily work processes of TeamViewer's existing customers without the need for any additional licenses. The capabilities of this application set the table for TeamViewer's continued ingenuity and their commitment to advancing their digital support services to match the progressive needs of organisations across the globe.