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SNS launches upgraded Nomad v.2.1 for enhanced remote workflows
Fri, 1st Mar 2024

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) recently announced the next iteration of Nomad, an integral component of their EVO shared storage offering. Nomad was shaped initially during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 as an urgent solution to the sudden disruption of regular workflow patterns. As time has passed, Nomad has continued to evolve, incorporating a plethora of new features that enhance remote workflows and improve accessibility for creative teams.

Nomad's first significant upgrade was version 2.0, known for an impressive revamp in the user experience within EVO's remote workflow instrument. It integrated the optional SNS Cloud VPN service into the user experience, creating a more unified remote workflow. Additionally, it revealed innovative elements like the Nomad Delta and VPN Accelerator.

The latest update, Nomad v.2.1, builds on the robust foundation already set, delivering further features and additional functionalities for remote editors and system administrators. An essential update is enabling VPN Accelerator by default, enhancing remote access to users' EVO. The novelty assures a steadfast and optimised remote connection to EVO immediately when users log in.

A notable update in the new version is the clear differentiation between downloading a ShareBrowser Preview or an Edit Proxy, proving beneficial when multiple proxy types are applicable to source media. This simplification allows users to retrieve these proxy files with incredible ease, catering specifically to their editing needs.

Nomad v.2.1 seeks to improve the user experience by presenting a neater, more efficient system with newly launched status displays and a toggle switch for VPN-accelerated peers. Furthermore, Nomad now saves time by recalling the user's last VPN status and logging them back into SNS Cloud VPN when reopening Nomad if they were previously connected when the application was closed. The latest iteration removes the precondition for administrator-level OS privileges, increasing the overall accessibility of the workflow. (Though, OS admin is still required when SNS Cloud VPN is active).

Nomad is a part of the EVO Suite and is complimentary with EVO for unrestricted users. Existing users who wish to update to the latest version of Nomad and access the entire range of EVO Suite software tools are encouraged to contact SNS Support. To facilitate secure remote access to EVO via SNS Cloud VPN, users might reach out to SNS Sales.

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) specialises in providing high-performance shared storage and software solutions for media production workflows. Its products are designed to facilitate collaboration and streamline the process of managing large media files in creative environments such as film, television, video production, and audio post-production.

SNS offers a range of storage solutions, including shared storage systems, SAN/NAS solutions, and workflow software tailored to the needs of professionals working in the media and entertainment industry. Studio Network Solutions products aim to enhance efficiency, reliability, and productivity for teams working on multimedia projects.

The ongoing enhancements and developments to Nomad evidence SNS's commitment to continually streamlining remote workflows and prioritising user experience. As the landscape of production teams grows increasingly remote and decentralised, tools like EVO's Nomad will only become more vital.