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Smart WFM appoints Andrew Griffiths as advisor & director of marketing
Fri, 20th May 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Bestselling author Andrew Griffiths has been appointed as advisor and director of marketing, branding and messaging, the company's inaugural appointment to its new Advisory Board.

Griffiths, author of 14 bestselling business books, brings more than 25 years' business, marketing, and communications experience to the UKG services partner, having worked with a broad range of companies and political bodies worldwide, including Telstra, Optus, CBS TV, HP, NYK Line, and the European Union.

His experience working with Smart WFM CEO Jarrod McGrath and the company's global expansion were key factors that attracted him to the role.

"I've worked with Jarrod for years now helping him launch and promote his books," Griffiths says.

"It was in his writing that I could see the story of how he was reshaping the human capital management industry.

"This company is building a legacy and setting the bar for how organisations can get the most out of their people while giving them the best possible experience.

"It's hard to imagine anything more important than that opportunity in today's business landscape, and McGrath and his team bring a rarely found wisdom to where organisations and people meet."

Griffiths will work alongside McGrath and Smart WFM COO Rob Scott to drive the company's global marketing, messaging, and branding strategies as it becomes a more mature global business and sets the scene to one day list as a publicly-traded company.

He'll also play an active role in identifying other members to join the advisory board, focusing on areas including diversity, equity inclusion and belonging, environmental sustainability, philanthropy, and global consulting.

"The people-first approach we've taken, where we consider productivity, and balancing knowledge workers and operational workers, is clearly working, McGrath says.

"Andrew understands the journey we're on but also brings an outsider's perspective to it, and his expertise will be invaluable on us maximising our growth potential."