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Nobl9 & Evolutio team up to enhance Cisco's Observability Platform
Mon, 1st Apr 2024

Nobl9 and Evolutio have formed a strategic alliance to enhance the functionality of Cisco’s full-stack Observability Platform. The partnership aims to streamline Cisco ecosystem adoption by combining the advanced software reliability platform of Nobl9’s Reliability Center with Evolutio's custom-built observability solutions. This fusion of technologies will enable Cisco users to monitor diverse aspects of their services, presenting their integrative data on dashboards that represent a service or product’s customer experience.

This strategic union is set to bolster business pathways towards IT transformation. The partnership is set to merge Nobl9’s precision in reliability metrics and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) with Evolutio’s potent methodology, enabling observability maturity via a Center of Excellence approach. Overall, this alliance charts a course towards meeting the pressing need for sophisticated tools and services that can spark executive-level business decisions in the current enterprise settings.

In this joint initiative, Evolutio will implement its expertise in the Cisco Observability Platform with customised modules that provide business process views. Owing to the unique extensibility of the Cisco Observability Platform, Evolutio has constructed modules geared towards business flows that impact revenue for clients from the fintech, insurance, e-commerce, and manufacturing sectors. On the other hand, Nobl9 has launched a distinctive reliability and observability module that integrates their award-winning Service Level Objectives-driven platform. This enables Cisco customers to access near real-time and historical reliability of their services. Together, these two companies forge a powerful blend of product development and IT strategy, which will offer reliability insights as valuable to a CIO as to a Site Reliability Engineer.

Carlos Pereira, Fellow and Chief Architect at Cisco, lauds the initiative. He stated, "Nobl9 and Evolutio have been integral partners in expanding the capabilities of Cisco Full-Stack Observability offerings. What they've done individually has been incredibly valuable, and we're looking forward to seeing the results of this collaboration."

This partnership is a groundbreaking opportunity for both Nobl9 and Evolutio. "We were impressed the first time we saw how Nobl9 made site reliability simpler and more effective, all at the same time," says George Nassopoulos, Evolutio’s VP of Strategic Partnerships. "We knew the SLO functionality would be very exciting for our own clients, and it augments Cisco Observability well. Working with Nobl9 is going to help us craft observability views, with SLOs mapped to a client’s digital transformation objectives."

Moreover, Evolutio's experience with Cisco, its track-record of developing client-centric views for various industries, and driving IT strategy and transformation for several clients will ensure that the collaboration works toward goals delivering maximum benefits for the Cisco Observability Platform’s user base. Nobl9’s Jaypal Sethi, SVP of Business Development, confirms, “Evolutio’s core is IT expertise. They know how to build and manage an IT strategy that will take a company from 2004 to 2035, tech-wise. We’re thrilled to be working together and are confident this partnership helps Cisco Full-Stack Observability customers manage their environments.”