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LTP partners with Finery Markets to enhance crypto spot transactions
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

Digital asset service provider LTP enables institutional clients to participate in crypto spot transactions via Finery Markets' FM Liquidity Match. This aligns with LTP's role as a prime broker, providing electronic access to institutional OTC liquidity with superior execution while safeguarding against harmful flow.

Singapore-based LTP recently confirmed its strategic alliance with Finery Markets, a prominent non-custodial crypto ECN and provider of trading Software as a Service (SaaS) for institutional entities. This collaboration amplifies the crypto industry's interlink by merging LTP's expansive market connectivity, streamlined infrastructure, and institutional clientele with Finery Markets' institutional OTC liquidity pool via FM Liquidity Match.

The FM Liquidity Match service, which can be accessed via a GUI or API (FIX 4.4, REST, or WebSocket), boasts a myriad of advanced features designed to take the institutional trading experience to unprecedented heights. These include proactive pre-trade risk management controls and adjustable risk limits, advanced spread management, and adaptable post-trade settlement and reporting compliance, alongside assurance of top-notch execution and immunity from toxic flow. Importantly, this empowers LTP's clients to leverage strong brokerage services, smooth connectivity, and efficient post-trade settlement while remaining anonymous in compliance with regulatory requirements.

As the inaugural prime broker in the Asia-Pacific to integrate with Finery Markets, LTP has committed to delivering comprehensive solutions to a broad array of regulatory-compliant organisations.

Konstantin Shulga, Co-Founder and CEO of Finery Markets, said, "We are delighted to announce our partnership with LTP, a pioneering prime broker for digital assets. This cooperation augments the stature of both Finery Markets and LTP in the Asia-Pacific region, offering more opportunities for institutional market players. Thanks to their role as a prime broker via FM Liquidity Match, LTP currently provides its customers with the first-ever OTC trading infrastructure that offers 'no last look' execution for liquidity takers, coupled with toxic flow protection for market makers."

Jack Yang, Founder and CEO of LTP, stated, "We are excited to collaborate with Finery Markets, enhancing our network through OTC prime brokerage services. Our ambition is to furnish a seamless and comprehensive trading experience for institutional clients, backed by our strong technological infrastructure and commitment to compliance. We regard Finery Markets' unique services as a valuable enhancement to our already robust offerings."

Michael Rabkin, Head of Global Business Development at DV Chain, added: "We're looking forward to our partnership with Finery Markets and LTP as a launch partner, offering competitive rates to a diverse selection of institutional clients via FM Liquidity Match. This strategic partnership opens up new trading avenues within a sizeable pool of institutional clients in the Asia-Pacific region, letting us extend our reach in the crypto markets."

Boris Sebosik, Head of OTC at Wincent, said, "This partnership between Finery Markets and LTP provides a chance to reinforce our expertise in liquidity provision by broadening our network of institutional comparators. We've seen a rising trend towards a more complex prime brokerage structure in the crypto world, a concept that's long been realised in traditional finance. By incorporating a prime brokerage model through FM Liquidity Match into our global offerings, we can solidify our position as a leading quantitative liquidity provider."