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Logpoint adds new capabilities to cybersecurity ops platform
Fri, 31st Mar 2023
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Logpoint has announced the new release of capabilities to its cybersecurity operations platform, converging SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, endpoint security, and Business-Critical Security (BCS) technologies.

According to the company, the new capabilities enable security analysts to protect the organisation against threats by increasing observability and decreasing the time to respond to threats.

According to a Forrester Study, SOC teams receive over 11,000 security alerts daily and struggle to get an overview of the alerts and then address them. The release comes with a new overview of incidents, cases, and system resources, which provides security analysts with easy access to the most relevant information.

In addition, the new case management interface provides a quick outline and groups related incidents into the same case, allowing analysts to run playbooks within a case to solve incidents faster.

Christian Have, Logpoint CTO, says, "Gaining situational awareness is key for security teams. In the new case management system, our technology collates incidents that relate to specific attacks and provides a capability for the analyst to run suggested playbooks that fit the data, the TTP and the adversary at hand.

"Not only does the system greatly accelerate the detection, triage and response, but it increases the precision and efficacy as well. We always strive to speed up threat detection, investigation, and response for our customers. Our platforms new capabilities improve observability and make it easier for our customers to take action on incidents threatening the organisation and its digital assets."

According to a statement from the company, the release includes updates to the core SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, and Director technologies, offering better overview, new security content and improved playbooks, more precise detection of anomalies, better observability across tenants from a central location for MSSPs, and much more.

Have says, "With the new release, were taking further steps to simplify and improve security operations. Our source management capabilities now support dynamic workloads such as cloud containers, remote workers and ephemeral systems. With this enhancement our new endpoint agent has greater reach, more capabilities and ultimately provides a larger suite of tools to the fingertips of the analyst."

The release is the first since Logpoint launched its endpoint solution AgentX. It's designed to give security analysts more precise detection of malicious malware and the ability to respond to endpoint threats.

Logpoint's security operations platform protects the entire business by providing comprehensive threat detection, investigation, and response across clients, servers, network systems, cloud workloads, endpoints, and business-critical applications. The platform is available on-prem, in private cloud, and as SaaS.