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Egress & Spear Shield unite to boost email security intelligence
Thu, 29th Feb 2024

Egress, an email security platform, has announced a new integration partnership with Spear Shield, a cybersecurity services specialist. The integration is designed to detect, monitor and prevent human risk arising from both inbound and outbound email threats. This strategic partnership allows Egress to incorporate Spear Shield's distinctive Managed Phishing Simulation Service scoring into its adaptive security model, thus adding another layer of intelligence.

With this application, each user will be assigned a unique risk score based on their behavioural patterns. Those behaviours concern various aspects including user engagement in simulated phishing attacks, such as clicks, credential submissions, along with the analysis of historical user interactions. The platform will dynamically adjust email security controls in response to real-time risk, as indicated by the user's risk score.

Egress stands as the only cloud email security platform that utilises an adaptive security architecture, enabling organisations to manage human risk. It creates hyper-accurate human risk scores for each employee by aggregating data from across the cybersecurity ecosystem. Such data include security awareness training, phishing simulation engagement data and secure access edge service platforms. This approach provides enhanced inbound and outbound email security, capable of detecting and preventing advanced phishing threats, human error and data breaches.

To assist organisations in understanding and mitigating people's risk, Spear Shield offers specialised cybersecurity services to its fast-growing clientele through its popular Managed Phishing Simulation Service. Presented as a fully managed service, Spear Shield's phishing simulations are designed to replicate the current inbound email attacks that often bypass detection from traditional third-party email gateways - eliminating the need for administrative overhead to create and run campaigns. Through this service, Spear Shield provides interactive training pages, post-campaign user awareness posters and a Cyber Academy course to help boost user education and security awareness. The resultant phishing simulation engagement data are then used to create executive-ready reporting, complete with industry benchmarking, user behaviour insights, and consultative recommendations.

Daniel Hoy, VP of Partnerships at Egress, shared his optimism about the recent integration, commenting, "To effectively manage human risk on email, it's critical that organizations give employees individualized adaptive controls that change based on the way they interact with real and simulated threats. That's why we're so thrilled to take our partnership with Spear Shield to the next level. Joint customers will see Egress risk score further enhanced by Spear Shields data, elevating their visibility into risk and automating their defenses as the threat landscape evolves."

Max Harper, Director and Owner at Spear Shield expressed his excitement as well, stating, "We’re excited to announce the Egress and Spear Shield integration, because the value our customers will see is going to be staggering. At Spear Shield, we pride ourselves in offering tailored phishing simulations delivered as a fully managed service, and this new integration with Egress means we’ll be protecting users in the long-term and giving them confidence in email security."