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Developer efficiency boosted by GitHub Copilot Enterprise availability
Wed, 28th Feb 2024

GitHub has announced the general availability of GitHub Copilot Enterprise, an AI developer tool integrated across GitHub interfaces, designed to boost developers’ efficiency. GitHub Copilot, introduced in 2021, is currently the most popular AI tool of its kind, used by more than 50,000 organisations to bolster developer productivity by 55%.

This latest advancement facilitates customised assistance throughout the development process and is tailored to each organisation’s specific requirements, enhancing code comprehension and offering on-demand guidance. Thomas Dohmke, CEO at GitHub, commented, “As the technology landscape continues to rapidly evolve, we are expanding capabilities of GitHub Copilot to not only understand your own internal knowledge bases, but to bring in the latest information from the internet as well.”

GitHub Copilot Enterprise's key features include helping developers deepen their understanding of their organization’s unique codebase through clear code summaries, relevant suggestions, and responsive answers to queries about code behaviour. Additionally, the tool facilitates quicker access to organizational knowledge and best practices with its integrated chat function. Also, it allows faster pull request reviews as well as the swift comprehension of proposed code changes. Dohmke concludes that this new offering "places the institutional knowledge of your organization at your developer's fingertips."

GitHub Copilot's impact has been evaluated in collaboration with Accenture. The 2023 study showed that 94% of developers reported that using GitHub Copilot helped them stay engaged and reduce their need to perform repetitive tasks. Additionally, developers retained 88% of the code suggested by GitHub Copilot, and 90% confirmed better quality code with GitHub Copilot, with about 95% of developers learning from Copilot's suggestions.

Testimonials from Shopify and Figma comment on the benefits they've seen from Copilot Enterprise. “With Copilot Enterprise, Copilot Chat provides personalized recommendations for our developers, making it easier for developers to quickly understand the context. Our developers are accepting 24,000 lines of code every day with Copilot, enabling us to ship innovations to our customers faster," comments Mark Ct, Director of Developer Infrastructure at Shopify.

Tommy MacWilliam, Engineering Manager for Infrastructure at Figma, also expresses the positive impact on their team, “Personalised, natural language recommendations are now at the fingertips of all our developers at Figma. Copilot Enterprise has improved collaboration across the SDLC by making it easier for our engineers to source and find information via Copilot Chat.”

According to GitHub, for $39 per user per month, organizations can integrate artificial intelligence throughout their software development life cycle and developers, with the help of GitHub Copilot Enterprise, can focus on delivering impactful results. GitHub continues to keep security, privacy, compliance, and transparency at the core of GitHub Copilot and its enterprise version.