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Appdome bolsters mobile fraud fight with Geo Compliance feature set
Mon, 19th Feb 2024

Appdome, the mobile app defence specialist, has officially announced its innovative Geo Compliance feature set as a major update to their platform. This introduction bolsters the company's ongoing fight against mobile fraud, aiding brands in ensuring true geographical compliance – a key necessity in an environment where the geo-location integrity of the mobile end user and transaction data is critical.

The newly launched feature set allows reliable verification of user's location, detecting and preventing location spoofing, fake GPS apps, VPN use, SIM swaps and other methods used extensively to dodge geo restrictions in mobile applications. It could prove pivotal in adhering to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies, regulations like business licensing, advertising restrictions, consumer safety and privacy, which largely depend on valid geographical data and restrictions within mobile apps.

According to Tom Tovar, co-creator and CEO of Appdome, "Mobile brands have confronted enduring challenges to achieve genuine geo compliance. Previously, geo-compliance products imposed major issues such as the necessity for multiple point-specific products, data fragmentation, complex SDK integrations and overburdening of the engineering teams. Appdome aims to rectify this by integrating geo compliance into a unified, automated platform for mobile app defence."

Traditional geo compliance, mobile app security, and anti-fraud products usually provide limited detection and defence coverage. To utilise more than one of these individual products within the same mobile app, complex app-level code modifications are necessary. However, Appdome offers an effortless solution, as all their detection and defence options, including the innovative Geo Compliance features, come fully compatible with all other 300+ Appdome defences, eliminating compatibility hardships.

Rik Turner, a Senior Principal Analyst from market research firm Omdia, noted, "A breach of geo compliance can lead to negative publicity and damage a brand's reputation. Geo compliance is a crucial aspect of any strategy to prevent fraudulent activities and halt service and program abuse pertaining to location-based offers and services. With Appdome, cyber and dev teams can seamlessly integrate geo compliance and other vital security defences into their mobile apps."

Mobile brands utilising Appdome's Geo Compliance Service, can detect and combat the growing threat of location spoofing, fake GPS Apps utilised to falsify the geographical location transmitted by a mobile device, attempts to elude geographical restrictions using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and several other geo-compliance failures. All these features can be effortlessly merged with any of the 300+ mobile app defences in mobile app security, anti-malware, anti-fraud, and more for both Android and iOS apps.

"Legacy geo compliance vendors often err in trying to recreate the extensive investments made by Google and Apple for accurate geo-location or depend on anti-emulator defences to claim geo compliance features," observed Chris Roeckl, Chief Product Officer at Appdome. "With Appdome, brands can marry the best of both solution sets and achieve comprehensive mobile app security and geo compliance within the same application."