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Syniti stories

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Data Lake
How to keep your data lake initiative from becoming a data swamp
August 2022
Enterprises can utilise data lakes to increase agile data delivery; however, they can't reap those benefits without addressing the challenges.
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Digital Transformation
Syniti updates Knowledge Platform with cloud-based version
May 2022
Building on the existing platform, the company is introducing the fully cloud-based version of Syniti Advanced Data Migration, now called Syniti Migrate.
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Syniti unveils first in series of Knowledge Platform updates
May 2022
Syniti has introduced a completely cloud-based version of Advanced Data Migration, the first of a range of updates coming this year to its Knowledge Platform.
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The perennial quest for data talent and how to find it
February 2022
The shortage of available talent in Australia is nowhere more apparent than in the technology sector, and perhaps most keenly felt in the field of data management.
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Syniti hires new exec, grows 800% and strengthens channel play
October 2021
Syniti has announced an 800% software growth in Australia and New Zealand in the first half of 2021, compared to last year's same period.
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10 Minute IT Jams
Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - Syniti VP on optimal business transformation
August 2021
In this interview we speak with Syniti vice president for ANZ Frankie Steel, who is back for her second IT Jam. 
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Tech Data
Tech Data and Syniti enter into APAC focused distribution agreement
July 2021
"Through our partnership with Syniti, we look forward to jointly helping Asia Pacific enterprises become more resilient and competitive by investing in the right data analytics platforms.”
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Artificial Intelligence
Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - Who is Syniti?
May 2021
Syniti is an IT company specialising in enterprise data management that uses data expertise, intelligent software and AI to deliver improved business outcomes.