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Suroop Chandran stories

Suroop Chandran emerges as a pivotal figure in the realm of Information Technology, specifically within the cybersecurity landscape. With a clear focus on the evolving complexities of cybersecurity, Chandran's role as a director of product management at SonicWall enables him to delve deep into the nuances of digital protection. His interests evidently lie in understanding and combating the ever-changing tactics of cyber attackers, as well as innovating security solutions to stay ahead in this perpetual arms race.

Through a series of engaging '10 Minute IT Jams' hosted by TechDay, Chandran shares his invaluable insights on a variety of pressing cybersecurity topics. Whether discussing the intricacies of SonicWall's Capture Client or the alarmingly increasing complexity of cybersecurity threats in 2020, his discussions reveal a deep-seated passion for safeguarding digital realms. Furthermore, Chandran sheds light on the latest updates from SonicWall, highlighting the surge in malware attacks and offering strategies for organizations to reclaim security control. His expert commentary not only educates but also pioneers a pathway for enhanced digital security measures in an ever-connected world.