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Workday continues growth in the adaptive planning space
The company's solution has the ability to break down data silos, accelerate planning company-wide, and gain richer insights by applying machine learning.
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Digital Transformation
Cybersecurity priorities for digital leaders navigating digital transformation
In recent years, Asia-Pacific has especially been a hotspot for cyberattacks, and as we continue into 2022, it’s evident that the problem is becoming more significant.
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What’s really holding Australian organisations back from data innovation?
Data holds incredible power for Australian organisations to level up operations and hit their stride, regardless of their business goals or the unique challenges they're facing.
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Why automation is the key to success in the finance sector
The finance industry is changing, and many businesses are struggling to keep up. Gone are the days of brick and mortar systems, where paper filing and long drawn out processes were the norm.
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Open source
Confluent launches new technology initiatives for data silos
Open source data streaming company Confluent has launched its expansion of new connectors and on-demand scaling to break down data silos.
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IT siloes dissolving as firms mobilise IT ops & DevOps convergence
IT siloes are disappearing legacy processes are on the way out - much of it due to the impact of COVID-19.
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Enterprise content management (ECM)
IDG report finds CIOs are using legacy systems and being swamped with data
69% of business are highly-reliant on manual processes to share and manage documents - despite research showing huge benefits from ECM integrations.