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Kitty Fok stories

Kitty Fok is a prolific author who keenly analyses the technological landscape of China, particularly focusing on advancements in artificial intelligence and the ever-evolving Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. Through her penetrating insights, she dissects the intricate web of how China's top firms are positioning themselves to significantly increase AI spending. By interpreting forecasts from the International Data Corporation (IDC), she highlights an impending surge in innovation as these organisations dedicate more than half of their core IT budgets to AI by 2027.

With a discerning eye on current global challenges, Kitty Fok also delves into the impacts of the coronavirus on the ICT market. Her pieces reveal how, despite the economic turmoil brought about by COVID-19, there are burgeoning opportunities for ICT vendors. Fok's narratives portray the pandemic as a catalyst for disruption and growth within the industry, as outlined by IDC. Through her storytelling, the complex relationship between a global health crisis and technological acceleration is eloquently unravelled, shedding light on the silver linings amidst adversity.