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Fraser Larcombe stories

Fraser Larcombe emerges as a distinguished figure in the realm of technology and sales management, primarily within the artificial intelligence and security industries. With a focused expertise on AI Computer Vision analytics, Larcombe's appointment as the Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand at Ipsotek underscores his pivotal role in enhancing the organisation's market stance. His experience not only heralds a promising phase for Ipsotek but also positions him as a key influencer in shaping the future of AI-powered security solutions in the region.

Similarly, Larcombe's tenure at Milestone Systems as the South Pacific Key Account Manager further amplifies his significant impact within the technological sector. His role at Milestone Systems, coupled with the strategic expansion of its Australian team, reflects Larcombe's adeptness in nurturing key relationships, driving sales growth, and spearheading technical advancements. His journey exemplifies a dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and security across the Australasian markets, making him a central figure to watch in the evolving landscape of AI and security analytics.