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Craig Hinkley stories

Craig Hinkley is an author deeply entrenched in the world of business and technology. Penning pieces that capture key executive movements, Hinkley takes particular interest in how companies shape their top tier, often focusing on the orchestration of leadership within the tech industry. For instance, his reporting on the appointment of Pritesh Upadhyay as Chief Revenue Officer at CloudBolt highlights the crucial role executives play in steering revenue-generating functions.

Moreover, his narratives extend to the strategic expansion of technology firms, chronicling key appointments that underscore the importance of innovation and growth. This is evident in his coverage of CloudBolt's decision to strengthen its leadership team by adding Kyle Campos as CTO, Michael Salleo as CPO, and Rick Kilcoyne as Field CTO. Hinkley's work offers a snapshot of the pivotal changes that businesses undergo in an ever-evolving landscape.

In addition to leadership dynamics, Hinkley's interests include the operational aspects of technology enterprises, particularly the integration of financial operations. His story on the ubiquitous yet elusive impact of FinOps practices demonstrates his keenness to explore not just the adoption of new business practices, but also their tangible outcomes. This reflects a broader curiosity about how theoretical business models translate into practical, measurable results in the competitive corporate realm.