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Barbara Parker stories

Barbara Parker is a keen observer of the ever-evolving relationship between technology and our daily lives. With a sharp focus on personal well-being, she offers insights into maintaining a healthy balance in the digital era, particularly highlighting the challenges brought on by the shift to remote work due to the pandemic. Barbara's columns delve into the concept of 'screen fitness', a term coined to describe the state of being physically and mentally fit while engaged in prolonged screen usage. As someone deeply interested in the ramifications of digital fatigue, she provides valuable guidance on how to tackle the overwhelm that can come with our increasingly online existence.

Her expertise in navigating the complexities of modern work-from-home setups positions her as a crucial voice in guiding individuals through the potential pitfalls of remote work. Understanding the importance of mental health within these new boundaries, Barbara's writing serves as a compass for many who find themselves navigating the uncertain waters of a home office. Her work is a treasure trove of advice for those seeking to remain productive without compromising their health and happiness in a world where the lines between personal and professional life are becoming ever more blurred.