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Workhuman launches Admin Hub enhancing Programme Managers' experience
Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

Workhuman, a specialist in employee recognition, recently introduced a new feature, Admin Hub. This centralised platform offers Programme Managers more substantial oversight and controls for administrative tasks, thereby enhancing their experience with the Workhuman Platform.

In addition to this, the company is set to launch extra functionalities that will allow Programme Managers to optimise parts of their Social Recognition workflow. These enhancements aim to enable Programme Managers to redirect their focus towards tasks vital to their organisation and culture.

Among the exciting features that Workhuman customers can now access are Award Management, Delegation, and Automated Welcome Awards. These features have been devised not only to streamline processes but also to offer increased control and adaptability. Indeed, Workhuman's updated Award Management feature allows for self-service management of awards, eliminating the need for manual interventions.

In terms of Delegation, Workhuman has introduced a feature that allows Programme Managers to allocate tasks and responsibilities to other individuals effortlessly. This feature ensures a seamless distribution of workload, particularly when individuals are away.

Moreover, the Automated Welcome Awards function helps organisations reduce voluntary employee turnover by cultivating an instant sense of belonging for new hires. Colleagues and managers receive a notification to recognise the new employee who is then awarded with warm wishes from their peers.

Zoe Peterson-Ward, Workhuman's Chief Customer Officer, underlined the importance of Programme Managers in implementing a successful recognition programme.

"Our customers are demanding more self-service, more automation and better visibility into their programmes. The Admin Hub is an example of how we continuously listen to our customers and then bring their requests to life," she stated.

Operational for 25 years, Workhuman is an industry leader in the employee recognition market. Its Social Recognition solution leverages data and science to create an atmosphere of appreciation that boosts employee performance and fosters social bonds.

As growth and improvement are always at the forefront, Workhuman pledges to roll out additional features throughout the year. In specific, the company is developing an unparalleled reporting experience, providing programme owners with capabilities and visibility they've never had before.

Workhuman serves as the antidote for organisations grappling with human capital challenges, engaging employees in a hybrid work environment. Through the use of the Workhuman Cloud and proficient Social Recognition solution, it fosters workplace cultures that enhance employee appreciation and feedback. Workhuman is committed to helping companies improve their investment returns by recognising the value and potential of their workforce.