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Talend announces support for Amazon Redshift Serverless

Mon, 8th Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Talend has announced its support for Amazon Redshift Serverless, with the company saying the integration reinforces its commitment and leadership in supporting businesses.

The new initiative is set to enable better analytics, with Talend says it helps lay a foundation of healthy data that businesses can access, trust, and act on to achieve enhanced working outcomes.

It will also give customers further validation and assurance of high-quality integrations and governance solutions with Amazon Redshift.

Talend global head of business development Rolf Heimes says the collaboration will allow for better, more informed business decision-making opportunities.

"Our continued close collaboration with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team is focused on bringing innovative solutions to market that help companies use reliable, healthy data to make critical decisions and drive desired business outcomes."

Amazon Redshift Serverless is a serverless option for Amazon Redshift that simplifies running and scaling high-performance analytics workloads on petabytes of data, without having to manage data warehouse infrastructure.

By supporting Amazon Redshift Serverless, Talend says it also provides complementary features, including Talend Trust ScoreTM, which automatically crawls and provides a health assessment of data in Amazon Redshift.

Customers who have utilised the technology have said that it has positively impacted their business operations. Affinity Water, a water supplier to 3.6 million customers daily in the UK, says the technology helped significantly with report management.

"Using Talend and AWS Redshift means our business teams can now execute reports in minutes rather than hours or even days," says Affinity Water head of data and architecture David Clifton.

"Without this underlying technology we would struggle to operate and meet our business commitments, and also risk financial penalties from regulators and other areas, including requirements such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We're certainly achieving benefits by using AWS and Talend."

eGift card platform Prezzee also found a way to simplify and integrate its operational tracking.

"Using Talend Stitch and Amazon Redshift, we have automated reporting, monitoring, and alerting across all platforms, our production database (AWS), and our customer data platform," says Prezzee head of data Anthony Wakulicz.

"Now it saves team members countless hours of work and helps us confidently scale and manage our business. With Stitch and AWS, anyone in the company can have visibility over all of our business processes, whether built in-house or not."

Talend has also announced other Amazon Redshift collaborations. It also supports native integration of Stitch with the Amazon Redshift Console, a user interface that simplifies management and improves insights into Amazon Redshift clusters and workloads.

Customers can begin to use Talend or Talend Stitch with Amazon Redshift Serverless immediately.

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