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Rimini Street officially announces collaboration with MYOB
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

Rimini Street has officially announced its collaboration with MYOB, a leading SaaS provider in Australia. MYOB has chosen Rimini Street's solution, Rimini ONE, to streamline and enhance the support on its core platform, Siebel, thereby allowing its internal development team to focus more on strategic outcomes.

Rimini Street’s support and managed services are set to simplify the complex operations of MYOB by consolidating all critical software needs through a single knowledgeable vendor. This partnership is not only expected to save time and resources for MYOB, but also to significantly benefit staff retention by providing the IT team with more opportunities to work on strategic projects.

Through its wide-ranging platform, MYOB has been integral to business operations in Australia and New Zealand, catering to the major workflow requirements of numerous small and medium enterprises. From managing finances and supply chains to dealing with employee and project management, MYOB's ecosystem relies on CRM and ERP solutions that have been key to its operations for several years. All the while, the quest for a committed software support and managed service provider capable of comprehending the unique needs of MYOB was underway. Eventually, Rimini Street was chosen.

According to Catherine Quinn, Platform Delivery Lead at MYOB, Rimini Street differentiated itself by paying genuine heed to MYOB's specific systems, processes and issues rather than merely brandishing an off-the-shelf solution. In agreement with her, Stefan Vargheese, Engineering Manager at MYOB, stated, "Rimini Street really took our needs and business goals into consideration. Having managed services and issue resolution in an end-to-end solution, without multiple vendors or multiple tickets, was a no-brainer for us."

By making the switch to Rimini ONE, MYOB is said to have enhanced its efficiency and talent retention. Rimini ONE, an end-to-end outsourcing solution for enterprise applications, databases, and technology software, is now operating MYOB's Siebel platform. This change is proving beneficial in numerous ways. It not only increases efficiencies and ensures seamless operations but also fosters collaborative issue resolution and enables tailored solutions, leading to an improvement in overall productivity and work-life balance for the team.

The prioritisation of system uptime and business continuity by Rimini Street is a reassurance for MYOB, as its agents and customers require consistent access to the software. Quinn added, "Rimini Street gives us peace of mind that our core applications will be available whenever they are needed." They take a proactive approach towards issue resolution by working closely with MYOB engineers. With its expertise and skills, the Rimini Street team has impressed Quinn, who elaborated on how they dive into the problem, understand it, and determine the best solution, showing resilience even when encountering issues they haven’t faced before.

"Rimini ONE provides a truly one-of-a-kind solution that’s a must for modern-day organisations," Vargheese noted, whilst applauding the significant cost savings and the chance to work more flexibly provided by the new partnership. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for after-hours support, the team's productivity has improved, and an enhanced work-life balance has contributed to better talent retention.

Craig Mackereth, Executive Vice President of Global Service Delivery at Rimini Street, affirmed their commitment to providing end-to-end support solutions tailored to each client's unique needs, enabling them to confidently achieve their business objectives. He expressed pleasure at working with MYOB to optimise their IT ecosystem and to foster their development team's focus on strategic innovation.