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Neo4j releases latest version of cloud-ready graph offering
Thu, 10th Nov 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Neo4j 5 is now generally available, giving customers access to the next-generation of its cloud-ready graph database.

Neo4j 5 broadens the performance lead of native graphs over traditional databases while offering easier scale-out and scale-up throughout any deployment, whether on-premises, in the cloud, hybrid or multi cloud.

As a result, Neo4j’s latest offering will give enterprises the ability to create and deploy intelligent applications at large scale and achieve greater value from their data more quickly.

“Graph technology adoption is accelerating as organisations seek better ways to leverage connections in data to solve complex problems at scale,” says Peter Philipp, ANZ General Manager, Neo4j.

“We designed Neo4j 5 to deliver the type of scalability, agility, and performance that enable organisations to push the envelope on what’s possible for their data and their business.”

Neo4j 5’s specific benefits include:

Query language improvements and up to 1000x faster query performance

With new syntax, it is now easier to write complex pattern-matching queries. Additionally, indexes, query planning and runtime have all seen improvements, making Neo4j the fastest implementation to date.

For example, multi-hop queries can now be executed up to 1000x faster than Neo4j 4. These improvements make it faster than Neo4j’s previous graph results over traditional databases. By combining these aspects, it is now possible to generate more real-time results at scale.

Automated scale-out across hundreds of machines

This equips self-managed customers with the ability to grow and handle a significant quantity of queries without requiring extensive manual effort. It also means a lot less needs to be spent on infrastructure.

Neo4j is able to provide this functionality through new and enhanced features such as Autonomous Clustering and Fabric, allowing enterprises to operate very large graphs efficiently and scale out in any environment. Further, Neo4j 5 automates allocating and reassigning computing resources.

Continuous updates across all deployments

Moreover, Neo4J 5 comes with the ability to update continuously, whether in the cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.

It ensures ongoing compatibility between self-managed and Aura workloads managed by Neo4j and introduces a new tool: Neo4j Ops Manager.

This function provides a unified single pane to easily monitor and manage global deployments, giving customers full control over their environments.

Neo4j 5 is available for download, as well as on AWS, Azure, and GCP Marketplaces.

Over 1300 businesses use Neo4j’s technology to power mission-critical applications while maintaining performance, security, and data integrity.

Neo4j says its latest release builds on its leadership at a time when more and more enterprises are adopting graph use.

“Switching to Neo4j was a huge win for us,” says David Fox, Senior Software Engineer at Adobe and Co-Founder & Engineering Lead at devRant.

“We’ve seen significant performance improvements and a great reduction in complexity, storage, and infrastructure costs.

“Staff now focus on improving the infrastructure, versus spending time frustratingly micro-managing it.”