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MMA Offshore partners with Boomi for enhanced data management
Wed, 22nd Nov 2023

MMA Offshore (MMA), a global marine and subsea service provider, has partnered with Boomi, the expert in intelligent connectivity and automation, to facilitate consistent master data management of employee information across its line of business applications. This collaboration has been revealed as a central part of MMA's strategy in enhancing its decision-making processes and streamlining its business operations.

Based in Perth, MMA transitioned in 2019 from a pure vessel operator to an integrated marine services provider. As part of this journey, MMA has expanded into new markets like offshore wind, government and defence, and coastal infrastructure. A fleet of 19 offshore vessels and a workforce of over 1,100 employees support their operations.

ICT General Manager at MMA, Jon Fowler, underscored the need for a digital framework that could seamlessly and reliably connect the company's essential business systems. He said, "We are a fast-moving, dynamic organisation, which means quick access to consistent, accurate data is imperative."

"With Boomi, our employee data is captured once at the source, then automation does the grunt work to streamline administration, making core employee master data instantly available across our platforms to assist with rostering, travel logistics, time sheeting, and payroll processing."

MMA selected Boomi's platform due to its user-friendly nature and scalability, features that complement MMA's need to maintain data integrity. With Boomi's integration service, MMA can conveniently connect its cloud and on-premises line of business applications, including its enterprise resource planning (ERP), scheduling, travel systems, and payroll.

Boomi's connected system has not only helped streamline data processes but has also played an essential role in speeding up operations. Reflecting on a recent onboarding process, Fowler stated, "We recently needed to onboard several workers in a short timeframe. In the past, onboarding at this scale and speed would have taken a considerable amount of time with data manually entered across multiple systems."

"With Boomi, our connected systems now work for the business, not against it," said Fowler. 

Fowler also touched on how Boomi assists in managing employee certifications across various platforms. The data connectivity provided by Boomi ensures that employee data is readily available for immediate scheduling, thus facilitating the quick onboarding of skilled workers.

“We previously sunk substantial time into building connections or manually moving data around. Instead of weeks, our integration framework now allows us to complete work in a much shorter timeframe. This makes business expansion far more efficient with easy, plug-in data sets,” said Fowler.   

MMA has plans to further enhance its user experience with a self-service capability. The organisation hopes to develop a consolidated, simple interface using Boomi's workflow automation solution, Flow, to streamline data collection for aggregation across its various applications.

Nathan Gower, Director of Australia and New Zealand at Boomi, summarised, "It takes considerable logistics to plan for and execute marine and subsea projects, including managing the dozens of skilled workers assigned to each job."

"As MMA breaks into new divisions, automation and data connectivity will take the guesswork out of project orchestration, enhancing productivity, a benefit to the bottom line and client satisfaction.”