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Lack of central data storage hinders customer support, reveals Sprinklr report
Fri, 24th Nov 2023

Sprinklr and CX Network have released a report on Leveraging Data Analytics for Contact Center Optimisation. The study found that 46% of customer service leaders don't possess the central data storage necessary for a competitive customer experience (CX). Mainly, there were limited budget allocations for contact centre solutions.

The lack of central data storage could hinder organisations from providing the best customer experiences. It could be especially problematic if the customer data is disconnected or isn't acted upon. Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management platform, announced the launch of this research report with CX Network on November 23, 2023, to address the issue.

The research highlights that customer data can provide crucial insights for an organisation, allowing it to predict the needs and actions of its customers while also informing the company about the impact of its product, services, and employees on its customers.

It concludes, however, that most brands fail to adequately collect and analyse data, resulting in valuable information from contact centres often remaining dormant and unexplored.

According to the report, 46% of respondents admitted lacking central data storage necessary for competitive customer experience. A further 58% reported having an annual budget of US$100,000 or less for their contact centre solutions. Moreover, there was a startling revelation that 79% of brands in the Asia-Pacific area rely on multiple tools to understand customer data, which can hamper operational efficiency and overall customer experience.

Melanie Mingas, Editor in chief- CX Network, stated, "Our joint research project with Sprinklr found that only 54% of organisations store their contact centre data in a way that can be easily analysed. To improve the quality of CX and the efficiency of operations, these organisations must embrace AI-powered tools that support workflows and analyse customer interactions across all channels."

The report emphasises the necessity for sophisticated, integrated systems, which allow digital communication channels to deliver a comprehensive understanding of customers, their experiences, and their likelihood to return. The effect of this approach depends on customer data storage, real-time data reception by CX teams, the actions taken on the data, and the available tools.

Arun Pattabhiraman, CMO, Sprinklr pointed out, "The use of multiple disconnected tools for CX management can lead businesses to underutilize their consumer data and miss key business insights. Our report highlights these data collection and analysis gaps in the Asia-Pacific region to encourage a shift towards unified CX management."

The research includes insights and case studies from influential organisations like boAT, Humm Group, New Balance, and Sprinklr, thus offering a valuable benchmark for contact centre operators in Asia-Pacific. The report is currently available for download.