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Kissflow partners with PointStar to expand low-code/no-code adoption in Southeast Asia
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

In a significant move to drive low-code/no-code adoption in Singapore and Malaysia, the low-code/no-code enterprise platform Kissflow has announced a partnership with PointStar Malaysia. PointStar is a leading cloud transformation firm in the Southeast Asia Region.

This strategic collaboration intends to broaden Kissflow's already thriving global partner network, offering a modern low-code work platform to aid businesses in digitally transforming their operations.

The alliance with PointStar aims to extend Kissflow's customer footprint in Malaysia and Singapore. Serving as both reseller and implementation partners for Kissflow, PointStar's team of specialists is confident in aiding Kissflow's success in attracting customers in these locales. This partnership notably marks a milestone in Kissflow's mission to support businesses on their digital transformation journey.

Dinesh Varadharajan, Chief Product Officer at Kissflow, expresses great enthusiasm for the collaboration with PointStar, seeing it as a pivotal milestone in expanding the Kissflow network throughout Asia. He highlights the partnership's goal to empower companies in the region by promoting the swift adoption of Kissflow, emphasising the positive impact this collaboration can have on businesses in terms of efficiency and workflow improvement.

Dinesh Varadharajan said, "We are incredibly excited about our collaboration with PointStar, as it marks a significant milestone in our journey to strengthen the Kissflow network across Asia. Through this partnership, we aim to empower companies in the region by facilitating the rapid adoption of Kissflow."

PointStar aims to empower organisations to cultivate their IT champions through their partnership. Justin Lee, the CEO at PointStar, emphasises the overarching objective, stating that with a low-/no-code app development platform, their vision is to enable everyone, irrespective of their technical expertise, to code, automate, and digitise processes. The ultimate goal is to make these capabilities accessible to a broader range of individuals within organisations, democratising the process of coding and digitalisation.

Justin Lee stated, "With a low-/no-code app development platform, the ultimate end goal that we envisioned to have is: everyone can code, automate, and digitalise, regardless of their technical expertise."

Providing a low-code work platform for enterprises, Kissflow aids in digitally transforming business operations by bridging a gap between enterprise IT and business users. Kissflow's revolutionary platform enables any user to build and manage apps, processes, tasks, analytics, integration, and collaboration. Recognised globally by Fortune 500 brands and industry leaders, Kissflow aims to simplify work procedures.

Moreover, PointStar Malaysia, based in Kuala Lumpur, brings businesses top-notch cloud solutions, boasting a presence across Southeast Asia, including Singapore and Indonesia. The company specialises in providing digitalisation and change workshops with certified business and technical teams and holds vast experience in driving successful customer cloud transformation journeys.

PointStar Malaysia features a wide range of offerings from technology partners such as Google Cloud, Logitech, Cisco Meraki, Samsung Electronics, Dropbox and more.