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Kim Spillman appointed as General Manager at Midnyte City
Wed, 17th May 2023

Midnyte City, a leading technology consultancy in Melbourne, has announced the appointment of Kim Spillman as the General Manager, effective from May 22, 2023. Kim, who previously served as the Delivery Lead and Organisational Transformation specialist, expressed enthusiasm about her new role, stating, "This is an opportunity to flex my skills in leadership, delivery, communication, and coaching to help achieve extraordinary outcomes with our clients and the team."

Kim's appointment as General Manager aligns with one of Midnyte City's strategic goals of having alumni contribute positively to the community by starting their own businesses. "General Manager is a key step towards achieving one of Midnyte City's strategic goals; having alumni make a positive contribution to the community by starting their own business," says Kim.

Having been a part of the Midnyte City team since early 2021, Kim values connection, community, and well-being. She aims to inspire and motivate others through her actions, recognizing the impact of effective leadership on business success and individual health. "We know that delivery, organisational transformation, and effective leadership impacts business success and individual health. Therefore, it is imperative that leaders of people get this right," emphasized Kim.

Kim's familiarity with the founding team, including Hannah Browne, Ebony Worth, Henrik Axelsson, and Melissa Ngau, contributes to her seamless transition into the new role. She was the first Midnyte Citizen to win the coveted Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in 2021, highlighting her dedication and exceptional performance. The company bestowed the honor upon Benny Lo in 2022.

Hannah Browne, Founder and Managing Director of Midnyte City, expressed her confidence in Kim's abilities, stating, "Kim is driven to uplift our clients' delivery capability and foster continuous improvement." Hannah emphasized Kim's coaching expertise and her role in accelerating the team's professional development through various programs such as School @Midnyte, feedback club, and one-to-one mentoring.

Hannah further explained the company's approach to teaching clients and colleagues how to excel independently. "This approach stems from our progressive principles and psychological safety, aiming to teach clients and colleagues how to fish, rather than catch fish for them," says Hannah.

Excitement surrounds Kim's move from working in Midnyte to working on Midnyte, with Hannah expressing her enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled for Kim's move from working in Midnyte to working on Midnyte. Kim helped forge our shared values of accountability, human-centricity, and growth mindset." Hannah believes Kim's experience in Delivery Leadership, along with her proficiency in designing and implementing tailored processes, makes her the ideal candidate to drive value for clients and lead Midnyte City through its next chapter of growth.

With Kim Spillman assuming the role of General Manager, Midnyte City looks forward to further enhancing its reputation as the best technology consultancy in Melbourne.