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Keysight introduces a new unified digital learning platform
Mon, 20th Mar 2023
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Keysight has introduced the Keysight Digital Learning Suite, a new unified digital learning platform that provides university engineering educators and students with lab tools, resources, and courseware through a single, secure web interface.

In response to demands for flexible learning options, universities are moving from in-person education to digital and hybrid learning models. Although these new models provide unprecedented flexibility for time and location, engineering educators still face challenges. They often find themselves pressured to compete against each other to provide the highest quality education for their universities. Many educators also try to balance their research work against teaching demands that require time spent on curriculum development, administrative activities, and managing engineering resources.

The Keysight Digital Learning Suite addresses these challenges by delivering a unified, web-based digital learning platform that provides secure, one-stop access to university engineering lab resources, measurement data analysis tools, and industry-ready learning resources.

The digital learning platform offers educators several benefits.

The first is a powerful engineering lab management facility. The platform streamlines and simplifies lab management, allowing educators to focus more time on teaching and collaboration tools to interact with students in real-time. In addition, the software suite integrates with popular learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard and Canvas.

The platform also provides remote test instrument control and data analysis tools. The software provides direct access to the soft front panel of lab instruments to perform measurements remotely, take screenshots, plot measurement data to XY plot, perform mathematics functions to XY plot, and more. The platform connects and links to instruments in-lab or on a local network.

Users can find world-class learning resources on the platform, as it provides access to premium lab exercises and courseware from Keysight University through a single sign-on from an integrated LMS.
Notably, Keysight is at the forefront of providing innovative learning solutions to the education industry that advance teaching with hardware and software tools that transform academic teaching labs. In addition, as part of the local and global community, Keysight is committed to STEM education by supporting programmes that encourage students from all backgrounds to pursue careers in science and engineering. The company has partnered with more than 30 universities worldwide to provide industry-ready certification, with over a thousand students receiving certification.

“We are pleased to have Keysight’s new Digital Learning Suite fully integrated into Anthology´s learning management system, Blackboard Learn. Through this integration with Keysight, engineering students now can have full access to education and lab resources within the LMS, so they can graduate with industry-ready skills,” says Mary Gross, vice president of partnerships at Anthology.

"At Keysight, we are dedicated to empowering engineers with the latest knowledge and tools to tackle the constantly evolving technology landscape and drive innovation. Our innovative Digital Learning Suite represents our commitment to providing educators with a comprehensive platform for delivering cutting-edge industry-ready training that prepares future leaders for success in their respective industries,” adds Tan Boon Juan, vice president and general manager of general electronics measurement solutions for Keysight.