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Jobstreet by SEEK transforms with AI for improved job matching in Singapore
Wed, 6th Dec 2023

Jobstreet by SEEK, a career and talent partner in Singapore, has announced a significant transformation of its employment platform, in order to redefine how talent and employers interact via an innovative AI model.

The new platform uses SEEK's world-class AI technology to deliver improved job matches, immersive experiences, and deep insights for both Singaporean jobseekers and employers.

This transformation is the result of SEEK's considerable S$158 million investment over the last three years, intended to unify its three online employment marketplaces across the APAC region: SEEK, Jobstreet, and JobsDB.

The key features of the new platform include AI-recommended screening questions, a predictive approachability signal for added effectiveness in talent-employer matching, and data-backed career advice and salary information to help jobseekers navigate wage discussions confidently.

The Managing Director of Jobstreet by SEEK (Singapore), Chew Siew Mee, voiced enthusiasm for the transformation: "We are thrilled to announce a transformative update for Jobstreet by SEEK, aimed at enhancing support for the job and talent search process in Singapore..."

"This is particularly crucial given the highly dynamic employment landscape. The integration of SEEK's cutting-edge AI technology is set to improve intuitive matching and elevate the Jobstreet platform."

She sees this transformation as a testament to their ongoing efforts to remain at the forefront of industry advancements, particularly as Singapore evolves towards becoming a digital nation.

The new Jobstreet by SEEK platform uses AI models to evaluate talent suitability, shortlist applications, and offer personalised recommendations. A novel feature, an AI-based approachability indicator, helps match jobseekers with potential employers more effectively.

Further, the platform offers insightful, data-backed career advice and wage information, assisting jobseekers in making informed decisions about their careers and negotiating salaries.

After three years of development and a significant investment, this transformation promises to unlock a vast opportunity across the APAC region and expedite growth, the company states.

Chew suggests that by early 2024, Singaporean jobseekers and employers will benefit from more employment opportunities and a larger talent pool across SEEK's entire APAC region, facilitated by the AI-augmented Jobstreet platform.

Over the years, SEEK has heavily invested in its data and AI capabilities, reaping strong results so far.

Grant Wright, General Manager of Marketplace and AI Products at SEEK, stated: "We are committed to leveraging data and technology to provide the most effective, efficient, and fair recruitment solutions for talent and employers. We will continue to do so as we aspire to make our products more effortless, personalised and trusted for our customers."