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Gigamon leads the way in deep observability market, says 650 Research
Mon, 27th Nov 2023

The deep observability market's leading player, Gigamon, has once again been recognised as the top vendor in a recent report. The market research firm 650 Research disclosed this in their latest study. Deep observability is becoming essential as organisations are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud infrastructure.

In their report, 650 Research has distinguished that the deep observability market grew 60% in 2022. As organisations continue to embrace hybrid cloud infrastructure, the report predicts an impressive forecast CAGR of 50% and an estimated revenue of nearly $2 billion by 2027. Currently, 90% of organisations operate in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, which consequently incites new challenges surrounding security, consistent digital experiences, and operational overhead.

Alan Weckel, 650 Group co-founder and analyst, praised Gigamon's contribution to the industry, saying, "Deep observability remains a high-growth segment. Gigamon continues to both lead and innovate in this critical segment with unique, value-added capabilities like Precryption technology and Application Metadata Intelligence, helping organisations secure their hybrid cloud infrastructure."

The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, which efficiently provides network-derived intelligence to cloud, security, and observability tools, helps customers tackle security blind spots and fortify their hybrid cloud infrastructure. So far, over 4,000 customers globally have embraced a proactive security stance with Gigamon, a considerable shift from traditional observability approaches that heavily rely on metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT).

While discussing the ongoing trends, Weckel pointed out: “Despite macroeconomic headwinds, deep observability remains a high-growth segment as organisations focus on managing the complexity of their multi-cloud infrastructure amid today’s constantly changing threat landscape.” He emphasised that deep observability is no longer just an added benefit but, in fact, a critical requirement for all enterprise operations teams.

He applauded Gigamon's continued leadership in innovation, underlining their unique and value-added capabilities like Precryption technology and Application Metadata Intelligence, which aid organisations in securing their hybrid cloud infrastructure. “Gigamon continues to both lead and innovate in this critical segment," Weckel added.

The deep observability market, as categorised by the 650 Group, includes probes and agents sold as standalone systems that are charged separately from other observability systems. Key qualifiers for this market include an ability to inspect and gather network, security, and computing traffic by extracting event metadata from packets or computing infrastructure. These are typically hardware probes or virtual agents and must maintain multi-vendor support, supporting multiple networks such as public cloud, private data centers, and colocation deployments. These should be interoperable with several observability platform data lakes.

Key insights from the 650 Group's ‘deep observability quarterly market and long-term forecast report’ were also shared: deep observability market revenue is envisioned to reach $505 million in 2023 and expand by 52% to hit $769M in 2024. The report also stated that North America has been the major market driver with a 60% share in the first half and is expected to continue its dominance through 2027, followed by Europe and then Asia Pacific (excluding China). It anticipates that cloud and subscription-based offerings will constitute the majority of revenue during this forecast period.