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Fujitsu and Macquarie University launch AI Research Lab for collaborative innovation
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

Global technology company Fujitsu and Macquarie University have announced a partnership aimed at bolstering collaborative research in artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies. The partnership will take the form of the new Fujitsu Macquarie AI Research Lab, reinforcing an ongoing collaboration between the two entities.

Fujitsu's purpose will be to deliver technology that has been under development through its Fujitsu Kozuchi AI Platform. This technology will be the cornerstone of the lab's first project, which aims to develop digital coaching technology for generating educational content. The content is designed to be tailored to the individual learning styles and goals of students.

The establishment of the lab will also draw upon Macquarie University's existing research capabilities and Fujitsu's specialised expertise in areas such as generative AI and human sensing technology.

The Tokyo and Sydney-based Research Lab aims to support the research and development of promising AI applications. The inaugural project will emphasise on creating digital coaching technology to improve learning through customised training. This project will harness Macquarie University's research talent and Fujitsu's proficiency in generative AI and human sensing technology.

Macquarie University holds a reputable position in the global sphere for its AI research capabilities, notably at the Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence and Centre for Health Informatics. They have led pioneering projects in several sectors such as banking, education, and healthcare. Fujitsu, on the other hand, as a leading developer of AI technologies, holds the largest number of patents for AI-related inventions in Japan.

Using its Fujitsu Kozuchi AI Platform, Fujitsu will deliver the newly developed technology from this research project. Fujitsu Australia Limited will be responsible for developing demonstrations for the application of the technology across multiple sectors including healthcare, retail, and the public sector.

Professor S. Bruce Dowton, Vice-Chancellor and President at Macquarie University, expressed his enthusiasm at the collaboration. He said, "The University is honoured to host Fujitsu's first Small Research Lab in the Southern Hemisphere and only the third outside Japan."

"Establishing quality industry collaborations for impact is a key priority for Macquarie University." He highlighted how this joint venture will create opportunities for the students to gain a deeper understanding and industry-relevant experience in their fields.

Toshihiro Sonoda, Head of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Fujitsu Research, echoed Dowton's excitement and said, "This marks an important step forward in deepening AI technology and its applications, and we are confident that it will bring innovation and contribute to solving global challenges."

The lab is expected to function as an opportunity to promote deeper collaboration in research and development. Part of its mission will be to create a platform suitable for multiple operations and nurture the next generation of talent to resolve societal issues via the application of advanced AI technology.

Among other things, both organisations will attempt to develop personalised digital coaching technology, capable of generating customised educational content by studying and analysing work behaviour across various industries. This technology aims to reduce common errors at work by analysing worker behaviour and automatically generating relevant educational content.