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Cognizant unveils Azure-based AI tool to boost innovation programme
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

Cognizant has unveiled the Innovation Assistant, a pioneering, generative AI-powered tool developed in collaboration with Microsoft. The tool is built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, intended to enhance Cognizant's internal innovation program, Bluebolt, and boost its ability to co-innovate with clients.

This state-of-the-art technology sits amongst the largest known enterprise-scape deployments of chatbot technology. It aims to ramp up Cognizant employees' capacity to innovate, devise client-facing solutions, and resolve problems. The system is designed to generate context-aware ideas and solutions while ensuring the protection of sensitive data and client confidentiality.

The Innovation Assistant is expected to catalyse creativity and innovation among teams of Cognizant employees dealing with client challenges across industries. The unveiling of the tool underscores Cognizant's commitment to enhancing human-machine collaboration via AI and leveraging the firm's extensive technical and industry knowledge to progress knowledge and innovation.

Cognizant's CEO, Ravi Kumar S, describes the Innovation Assistant as "a game-changer in the way we generate and implement ideas." Kumar emphasises the collaborative effort with Microsoft in harnessing the power of generative AI to revolutionise Cognizant's approach to innovation. He states that the primary goal is to ensure that "we, and our clients, stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment."

The Innovation Assistant forms an integral component of the Bluebolt innovation movement at Cognizant. This grassroots initiative offers a framework for Cognizant personnel at all levels and locations to contribute to the innovation process, from ideation to implementation. The application of generative AI in Bluebolt aims to support Cognizant employees in merging virtual guidance with real-world assistance, utilising the company's expertise to drive co-innovation for the benefit of clients.

Puneet Chandok, President of Microsoft India and South Asia, praises Cognizant for utilising generative AI to foster innovation across various organisational levels. He commends the Innovation Assistant, powered by gen AI, for unlocking the potential of individuals and teams. Chandok highlights the platform's use of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service as a force multiplier, providing customers with access to valuable insights from enterprise data to stay competitive in the dynamic digital landscape.

Puneet Chandok said, "It is amazing to see the power of gen AI enable innovation at different levels of an organisation with Cognizant's Innovation Assistant. They have used AI to create a platform that unlocks the potential of individuals and teams. Built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Cognizant's platform is a force multiplier that aims to enable customers to gain access to insights from enterprise data and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape."

Cognizant is committed to observing the highest standards for responsible and ethical AI use, with a focal emphasis on safety, security, privacy, transparency, and inclusivity. Like other facets of the platform, the Innovation Assistant is designed to generate context-specific ideas and solutions, all the while safeguarding sensitive information and client confidentiality.