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Camille Nicita Takes Over as Global CEO of Human8, Succeeding Co-Founder Kristof De Wulf
Fri, 29th Sep 2023

Human8, the human-driven consultancy formerly known as InSites Consulting, has announced a significant change in its leadership. Camille Nicita, previously the Managing Director for North America, has been named the new global CEO. She takes over the reins from co-founder Kristof De Wulf, effective 1 October 2023.

Kristof De Wulf co-founded Human8 in 1997 as a spin-off from Belgian-based Vlerick Business School. Taking the role of CEO in early 2012, De Wulf led the company through an era of substantial growth. Starting with around 80 employees, the firm has since ballooned to over 800 staff members. In addition to this, the company has added more than €100 million in revenues through organic growth and a series of nine acquisitions over five years.

“I am delighted to have had the opportunity to grow and lead our organisation for almost 12 years now," Kristof says. "It was an amazing journey transitioning from a Belgian start-up to a global leader that is serving the needs of the most iconic brands in the world. The time is now to pass on the responsibility to one of our most competent and inspiring leaders in the business, Camille Nicita."

Camille Nicita’s professional journey spans over 30 years. She initially joined a start-up market research company, known then as Gongos. In 2012, she found herself suddenly thrust into the role of owner and CEO after the unexpected death of the owner, John Gongos. Under Nicita’s guidance, the company saw record growth and was subsequently incorporated into Human8 at the end of 2021.

“Moving Camille into the seat of global CEO not only sends a clear signal that we are now a truly global company, but also that we moved beyond our legacies into an exciting joint future," Kristof adds.

On her part, Nicita expressed her readiness and excitement for the new role. “I am honoured to carry on the great work Kristof has accomplished over the last decade and am ready to apply the Small Giants mindset on a global scale," she says. "The skills and capabilities we have under one roof are unparalleled and it’s strengthened by our people-first culture around the globe."

As she assumes her new position, Camille Nicita will also join the Human8 Board of Directors. Kristof De Wulf will remain an active board member and shareholder. Stepping into her former role as Managing Director for North America will be Katherine Ephlin, currently the North America Head of Operations.

Maz Amirahmadi, Managing Director APAC at Human8, summed up the sentiments surrounding the leadership change. “Kristof's vision and unwavering dedication has played a pivotal role in our global success, shaping our path and positioning us for continued growth," he says. "With the passing of the baton to Camille, I am confident we will harness collective expertise and experiences to create a positive impact guided by a shared passion.”

This leadership change heralds a new chapter for Human8, as it looks to build on its success in the consultancy space.