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AWS unveils new serverless innovations for enhanced data management
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

AWS has introduced three new serverless innovations in its database and analytics portfolio. These new technologies are touted to simplify and speed up the process for customers needing to scale their data infrastructure to higher demands. The innovations include an Amazon Aurora Limitless Database that automatically scales beyond the standard limits, an Amazon ElastiCache Serverless for creating highly available caches within a minute, and an Amazon Redshift Serverless, which uses AI to predict workloads for optimisation and auto-scaling. Customers and partners such as Genesys, MIO Partners, Peloton, Quantiphi, and Tuya Smart have already begun using these new innovations.

The serverless model of AWS, which is designed to ease the customer's development process, is being hailed as a timely transformational advancement in managing data at any scale. "Data is the cornerstone of every organization's digital transformation, and harnessing data to its full potential requires an end-to-end strategy that can scale with a customer's needs while accommodating all types of use cases," says Dr. Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Data and Artificial Intelligence at AWS.

The Amazon Aurora Limitless Database is designed to handle petabytes of data while churning millions of write transactions per second. The Amazon ElastiCache Serverless creates a highly available cache in under a minute with the scalability to support demanding applications. With AI driving Amazon Redshift Serverless, customers can now adapt workload patterns for performance and cost optimisation.

These serverless innovations address a common need for organisations managing petabytes of data. The serverless technologies simplify operations, allowing organisations to focus on creating differentiated experiences for end-users rather than spending time managing their data infrastructure. Popular services like Amazon Aurora, Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon Redshift are particularly useful for such organisations.

Isaac Kato, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at MIO Partners, spoke positively about the Amazon ElastiCache Serverless, saying, "With Amazon ElastiCache Serverless, we can create a cache in less than a minute without any infrastructure provisioning, configuration, or capacity planning. Now, we can redeploy the team of engineers who were previously engaged in managing Redis to projects that deliver higher value for our clients."

Looking to the future, these new serverless capabilities have the potential to eliminate many of the timely and demanding tasks associated with data management. As we move further into an era of expanding data and growing demands on infrastructure, such advancements will undoubtedly become increasingly invaluable.