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Amplitude expands Digital Analytics Platform to optimise UX
Wed, 14th Feb 2024

Amplitude, the digital analytics firm, has revealed that it will be building out its Digital Analytics Platform to assist corporations in boosting their comprehension of user behaviours. The objective is to help such companies build superior products and provide more personalised experiences for their customers. This step is a significant move towards understanding customer behaviour in order to create successful products and enable businesses to flourish.

The expansion of the platform is set to include features such as Session Replay, new experimentation capabilities, and simplified event tagging. With the introduction of the Session Replay, Amplitude will now incorporate both qualitative and quantitative data to understand user behaviour. The new Experiment feature will aid teams in crafting more customised websites and campaigns. Moreover, the visual tag editor will facilitate the entry process for businesses initiating data collection and instrumentation. Also, deployment of the new capabilities will give companies a comprehensive insight into all customer activities. This will enable them to comprehend growth triggers and develop superior products—all this with the added advantage of a single, scalable platform.

Francois Ajenstat, Amplitude’s Chief Product Officer, commented on the new offerings and said, "With these new capabilities, we’re bringing the next generation of digital analytics to market, combining qualitative and quantitative insights and simplifying how companies get started with Amplitude. With a single platform that is easy to use and easy to scale, every company can deliver better customer experiences that drive growth.”

The Session Replay feature provides companies with an insight into the customer journey through the product. It lays open the likes and dislikes of the customers, pointing out areas where they get stuck. The Experiment for Web feature provides the facility of web experimentation, enabling easy testing of multiple landing pages to optimise web and campaign performance. To add to the platform’s capabilities, the Visual Tag Editor allows teams to intuitively keep track of website or app activities.

Amplitude views understanding customer behaviour as the key to building successful products, as illustrated by Leia Schultz, product manager at Homebot, a real estate finance education portal. Schultz appreciated Amplitude’s contribution and said, “Amplitude has put data at the centre of our decision-making process. We can analyse behaviour, make iterative changes, and quickly communicate the impact of our design changes, ultimately giving us confidence in our decision-making.”

The plans offered by Amplitude cater to organisations of all sizes and include "Free"; "Plus", offering a suite of powerful products; "Growth", which includes advanced analytics; and "Enterprise", featuring enterprise-grade security elements for businesses with complex needs and controls. These plans allow companies to utilise all the necessary tools at once, or they can choose to start with a smaller package and scale up as their business grows.