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Amazon unveils advanced palm-based security system
Fri, 1st Dec 2023

On November 28, 2023, Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled Amazon One Enterprise, a novel palm-based identity service devised to bolster the security of both physical spaces and digital assets in organisations, while reducing operational expenditure significantly. Among the clients and partners utilising Amazon One Enterprise are IHG Hotels and Resorts, Boon Edam, Paznic, and KONE. The cutting-edge service was announced at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.

Amazon One Enterprise provides a convenient and comprehensive authentication solution that not only enhances organisational security but also mitigates expensive security breaches. The service facilitates fast, uninterrupted, touch-free access for employees and other authorised users to physical sites and digital assets such as financial data and HR records. Unlike traditional enterprise authentication methods such as badges and PINs, Amazon One Enterprise reduces operational overhead, with IT and security officials having the ability to install Amazon One devices and manage users, devices and software updates easily via the AWS Management Console.

The service was developed in response to vulnerabilities of traditional authentication methods, as badges and fobs can be shared, cloned, lost, or stolen, while PINs and passwords are susceptible to being forgotten, guessed, or shared. Security and IT administrators required an easy and centralised view of authentications, and a simpler way to monitor device usage and manage software updates.

Amazon One Enterprise delivers highly accurate and secure enterprise access control with a easy-to-use biometric identification device. It combines palm and vein imagery for biometric matching, boasts an accuracy rate of 99.9999% and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a unique palm signature. The data is protected at every stage, with multi-layered security controls in the Amazon One device and protection of data in transit and in the cloud.

According to Dilip Kumar, Vice President of AWS Applications, "Amazon One Enterprise’s palm recognition technology is designed to deliver a highly accurate identification service that increases an organisation's overall security, while offering seamless authentication management with lower operational overhead. Businesses appreciate the privacy and convenience for their users, who can access physical locations and software assets with just a hover of their palm."

The new service ensures a high level of privacy for users. The privacy-centric approach ensures that palm images, user credentials, and other metadata are immediately encrypted with industry-leading encryption technology and sent to a dedicated Amazon One Enterprise service account in the AWS Cloud. Each user's palm data is encrypted using a unique key, and employees can conveniently delete their palm data by choosing the 'Unenroll' option on the Amazon One device.

Amidst early users of the system are Boon Edam, IHG Hotels & Resorts, Paznic, and KONE, who are employing the system to enhance security and convenience. Boon Edam, a leading manufacturer of revolving doors, and security turnstiles, believes that Amazon One Enterprise will "offer authorised entrances using innovative palm biometric technology that raises our security bar and delivers a convenient workplace experience", according to Patrick Nora, president, Boon Edam Americas. Meanwhile, KONE, a leading provider of elevators and escalators, will be integrating Amazon One Enterprise into their People Flow Solutions as a more secure and reliable option for building entry and access, according to Steve Gonzalez, senior vice president, New Building Solutions, Americas.

Amazon One Enterprise is currently available in preview in the U.S.