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3 in 4 employees considering a new job in the second half of 2022
While macro-economic shifts may be dampening business confidence, worker confidence in the labour market remains strong.
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IT Automation
New tech has a positive impact on job creation in 2020, survey reveals
New technologies such as automation are creating new jobs, a survey finds.
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Digital Transformation
Aussie CFOs most resistant to new tech, says research
Australia is among the world’s most challenging countries to train and hire staff to use new technologies.
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Digital Transformation
Australian CIOs turning to contract IT professionals to fill skills gap
"They are increasingly turning to experienced IT contractors to achieve these initiatives and upskill their permanent teams in the process."
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New Zealand business
Retiring Baby Boomers to deepen skills shortages in NZ
As New Zealand’s Baby Boomer generation gradually retires from the workforce, their exit will create a knowledge and experience vacuum."
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NZ CFOs comment on the impact of automation
Finance professionals need to adapt their skill sets in order to face the challenges the future workplace will inevitably bring.
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Digital Transformation
IT employers having to up salaries and bonuses to attract talent
As the modern economy relies increasingly on data, it’s certainly a good time to be working in IT.
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Govt’s HK$50b to boost IT jobs and salaries, but concerns remain
Despite the huge investment, almost all Hong Kong CIOs are concerned about the existing talent pool of IT professionals.
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Remote Working
Australians choose better work / life balance over better pay
“Employers are fast realising these non-monetary benefits help to build a satisfied, motivated, productive and loyal workforce.”
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Are you paying your IT employees fairly? A third feel overworked and underpaid
IT workers may be feeling overworked and underpaid, but they may have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating higher salaries.
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Australian CIOs well aware of internal security risks and plan to do more
The battle of the breach continues to play out and at least 87% of Australian CIOs have experienced a breach in their own company.
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Report: Education providers need to step up & help fix IT skills shortage
“Technology is changing continuously and rapidly which also implies the required IT skillsets are evolving continuously and rapidly."
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Good news for IT workers - if they are looking for temp work
"There’s a change taking place in the way businesses staff their IT department.”