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Rob Newell stories

Rob Newell is a thought leader whose expert insights into Artificial Intelligence are shaping the conversation about the future of technology within the enterprise space. With a keen interest in the intersection of AI and customer relationship management, Newell highlights the transformative potential that voice and digital assistants hold for business operations. His forward-thinking stance posits that as AI matures, there's a significant opportunity for these tools to revolutionise how enterprises engage with their clients.

Moreover, Newell addresses the critical concern of legacy gridlock, which often hinders the maximisation of AI's capabilities. He understands the immense value that data analytics brings to the table; however, he also recognizes the challenges that outdated systems pose. Newell delves into the necessity of overcoming these impediments, demonstrating his deep interest in facilitating smoother pathways for the integration of AI within established infrastructures. His writings illuminate the roadblocks to innovation and offer guidance on navigating the complex journey towards technological advancement.