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Renesas news stories

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Voice recognition
Renesas and Cyberon expand services with voice recognition
“We are honoured to collaborate with Renesas to simplify the development of embedded voice recognition functions."
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Renesas launches industry leading functional safety solutions
Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched functional safety solutions that meet the IEC61508 standard for both its RA and RX Families of microcontrollers.
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Renesas innovates wireless charging market with Qualcomm collaboration
Renesas Electronics Corporation is collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies to speed up the mainstream adoption of wireless charging for smartphones.
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Renesas collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate connected vehicle development
The collaboration with Microsoft will enable Renesas to advance the development of connected vehicles, stimulate the creation of Mobility as a Service businesses, and contribute to the establishment of on-demand businesses.
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Renesas & Altran develop social distancing wearable
Renesas and Altran have come up with a wearable solution that helps people maintain social distancing - all in the form factor of a wristwatch.
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Internet of Things
Renesas and Panthronics collab on range of new solutions
The semiconductor specialists are aiming to bring new wireless charging and connected IoT solutions to the consumer and industrial markets.
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Internet of Things
Renesas launches IoT Cloud Kit with AWS integration
Semiconductor solutions provider Renesas has created a new cloud kit for IoT endpoint devices that connect directly to Amazon Web Services.
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Power / Energy
How Renesas aims to simplify building automation
“With the trend toward energy efficiency and green design of commercial buildings, the challenge of renovating existing facilities is growing."
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Renesas develops 28nm MCU with virtualisation-assisted functions
The MCU features four 600 megahertz CPUs with a lock-step mechanism and a large 16 MB flash memory capacity.
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Flash storage
Renesas unveils the world’s first on-chip flash memory microcontroller
The new MCU series also features a built-in flash memory of up to 16 megabytes.
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The new chip that enables AI processing for autonomous cars
Renesas Electronics announced its new R-Car V3H system-on-chip that delivers high computer vision performance and AI processing.
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Renesas Electronics undergoes significant growth in Q2 this year
The company has plenty to be satisfied about, with its President and CEO reporting it as a successful expansion.
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Machine learning
Feel sad, drive fast: Artificial intelligence lets your car respond to how you feel
The AI considers the driver's voice, facial expression and eyesight direction to determine their emotional state and respond to it...
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Mergers and Acquisitions
Renesas snaps up Intersil - gross and operating margins expected to rise
"Renesas has transformed into an industry powerhouse with one of the most comprehensive set of advanced embedded solutions."
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Internet of Things
Real benefits of the Internet of Things is in business
Intelligent software and cloud services are really where the rubber hits the road. That is what makes these IoT devices valuable to business.