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Test your API Security with Infinite API Scanner
Last month
The effectiveness of API scanning technology can mean the difference between successful and unsuccessful programming outcomes, and often enterprises and IT leaders struggle to get it right.
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Industry-first comprehensive risk-based API security enhances protection
June 2022
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become a crucial part of operating web and mobile application businesses and are causing significant economic growth in the digital sector.
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Digital Transformation
COBOL market 3 times larger than previously estimated - survey
February 2022
A Micro Focus survey finds COBOL is viewed as strategic by 92% of respondents, and the amount of COBOL code in daily use increased to 775-850 billion lines. 
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GitHub rolls out a preview of substantial platform changes
December 2021
GitHub has announced the rollout of a technology preview with substantial code searching improvements. 
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Java, machine learning, AI amongst most important programming skills - report
March 2021
Software architecture, Java and machine learning are amongst the top programming skills ranked by software engineers as important to their role in 2021.
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Data analytics
SAS makes analytics, programming & IT courses freely available
April 2020
SAS has released free online learning tools to help professionals and students keep their minds active during the global lockdowns caused by COVID-19.
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IT Training
TwilioQuest! Defeat Legacy Systems and… plant a tree?
March 2020
Twilio is sponsoring the planting of trees to reforest Australia for each person who completes certain challenges in its JavaScript training game.
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Workflow Automation
GitHub tallies most popular programming languages in 2018
November 2018
JavaScript is still a winner when it comes to programming languages but Kotlin, HCL, TypeScript and PowerShell are quickly climbing the ranks.
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Become a Star Wars droid engineer with littleBits
September 2017
With invention at its core, the Droid Inventor Kit fosters creativity and problem-solving skills...
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Robots can be programmed in the playground with Swift
June 2017
"More than 1 million kids and adults from around the world are already using Swift Playgrounds to learn the fundamentals of coding."
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Kiwis keen on ICT industry with top hires in tech sector
March 2017
“The large industries hiring now reflect what we’re seeing in our economy."
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Vodafone Foundation awards three new tech grants to help Kiwi youth
October 2016
The Vodafone Foundation will fund three technology development grants to Zeal, Gamelabs and Sticks'n'Stones in order to help NZ youth.
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Technology in schools
Students and teachers offered free coding workshop
August 2015
Lower Hutt students and teachers are being invited to attend a free workshop to learn about coding and computer programming this school holidays.
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UFB expo to teach kids programming
May 2015
"It’s as important as handwriting used to be. It’s not just a skill for the future, it’s a skill for now.”