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Michael Sentonas stories

Michael Sentonas, the vice president of technology strategy at CrowdStrike, is a thought leader in the realm of cybersecurity. His insights delve into the strategic shifts necessary for robust threat protection, advocating for a proactive stance that emphasises identifying potential issues in real time rather than solely addressing the aftermath of breaches.

In his exploration of security operations, Sentonas forms an argument for what he terms the 'dream team', shedding light on the imperative of future-proofing like-minded initiatives. He approaches cybersecurity not just as a technical challenge but as an organisational one, providing a roadmap for enterprises to realign their defences in the face of evolving digital threats.

With a critical eye, Sentonas also challenges the cyclical rhetoric surrounding ransomware, propelling the conversation beyond repetitive characterisations of the situation. He strives to move the discourse forward, urging the industry and the media to transcend the echo chamber of declaring each year as the 'year of ransomware' and to focus on constructive, long-term solutions.