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David Hollister stories

David Hollister is a luminary in the realm of global infrastructure engineering software, with a career closely intertwined with the developments and expansions at Bentley Systems. His narrative reflects a profound engagement with strategic leadership and technological advancement, themes that resonate through his work. As the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Bentley Systems, Hollister's role is pivotal in steering the company through periods of growth and technological evolution.

Hollister's interests span the intricate dynamics of corporate leadership and the integration of innovative technologies within the infrastructure sector. This is evident from his involvement in significant corporate milestones, such as the retirement and succession planning of key leadership figures within Bentley Systems, and the strategic acquisition of the New Zealand company Seequent—a move that underscores Bentley Systems' ambition to consolidate its global footprint in the infrastructure engineering software market. Hollister's narratives are a testament to his deep-rooted interest in nurturing technological prowess and expanding the reach of engineering solutions on a global scale.