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Yahoo appoints Tressie Lieberman as Chief Marketing Officer
Fri, 21st Jul 2023

Yahoo, the global tech company, has named Tressie Lieberman as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Lieberman, a seasoned marketing strategist with over two decades of experience with consumer brands such as Chipotle, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, will report to Yahoo CEO Jim Lanzone.

Lieberman's role at Yahoo will encompass the oversight of global marketing strategies, brand positioning, user acquisition, and customer engagement initiatives. Her aim will be to propel Yahoo's brand and growth trajectory as the company gears itself to enable online achievements for users in the future.

CEO Jim Lanzone praised Lieberman, stating, "Tressie’s combination of core marketing skills, leadership and people skills, and strategic creativity - especially in digital and social channels - are extremely rare. She is also uniquely inspired by the chance to take the Yahoo brand to new heights."

In her previous position at Chipotle, Lieberman was instrumental in amplifying the brand's digital relevance and customer growth. Her innovative strategies included the successful launch of the Chipotle Rewards program and transforming the brand into a favorite amongst Gen Z. Lieberman's forward-thinking approach to social-driven content resulted in significant sales growth and an astronomical four billion views for a single campaign.

Lieberman shared her enthusiasm about her new role, saying, “The opportunity to push the boundaries and take the Yahoo brand into the future is a dream. I couldn't be more excited to work with Jim and his team to steer the path they’ve set forth through disruptive campaigns that engage with culture in new and exciting ways."

Lieberman's prior experience includes stints as CMO at Snap Kitchen and as VP of Digital Innovation and On-Demand at Taco Bell. She led initiatives to modernize and transform these brands' identity and marketing strategies, proving her expertise in driving growth and influencing brand perception.