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Vertiv unveils budget-friendly UPS system in Southeast Asian markets
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has launched its budget-friendly desktop uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, the Vertiv Liebert PSA-SOHO-LITE, in select Southeast Asian markets.

These markets include Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia, with plans to expand into Thailand and Pakistan soon.

The launch comes amid increasing dependence on technology for work and play, necessitating the demand for reliable, cost-effective power protection. The Liebert PSA-SOHO-LITE is a feature-rich, line-interactive UPS system specifically designed for smaller technological environments. Suitable applications range from desktop computer workstations to point-of-sale (POS) systems, gaming setups, smart home systems, and other minor IT equipment, the company states.

Considerably more compact than other models in its sector, the Liebert PSA-SOHO-LITE weighs a light 4.4 kilograms but does not compromise on the level of protection it provides against power disturbances, traditionally offered by the Vertiv Liebert PSA UPS family.

According to Vertiv, the device offers fuse protection and a built-in automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for clean, stable power output. It safeguards against a variety of power disturbances including surges, short circuits, overload and over discharge.

In addition to its protective features, the Liebert PSA-SOHO-LITE comes equipped with a three-colour LED status light and two universal sockets that can comfortably accommodate large plugs for convenient connectivity. The built-in overload protection and alarm system further complement the robust design for increased security.

“At a time where power protection is critical, having reliable backup power is a must for those working from home or running a small business. That's why we're making power protection more accessible with the release of the new Liebert PSA-SOHO-LITE," said Andy Liu, director for integrated rack solutions at Vertiv Asia.

He continues, "It's suitable for those looking for a UPS alternative that offers efficient protection and reliable backup power support at an affordable cost."

The Vertiv Liebert PSA-SOHO-LITE is available through Vertiv channel partners and e-commerce stores across selected markets in Singapore and Indonesia.

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